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No matter how confident you are in the saddle, you can’t neglect safety. Gloves, jerseys, and shoes are all essentials for a safe ride, but your helmet is the most important of all.

There are plenty of cool bike helmets out there that will protect you and look stylish too.

Here are my choices for the best cool bike helmets:



Why Wear a Bike Helmet?

If you do it right, cycling is extremely safe and offers many health benefits! But, every year, between 800 and 900 cyclists lose their lives in accidents. Take as much care as you can to not be one of them — the biggest safety factor is protecting your head.

Over the last decade, statistics indicate 50 to 69 percent of cyclists killed on the road weren’t wearing helmets! That shows the importance of wearing one — it not only increases your chance of surviving a crash, but it also reduces the risk of sustaining severe head injuries.

There are also regional regulations relating to wearing helmets, so even if you worry less about protection, it’s best to keep on the right side of the law! Check with your local authority before heading out for a ride.

Replacing Your Bicycle Helmet

If you’ve been involved in a crash — your helmet should be replaced, even if it doesn’t appear to be damaged. You can never be sure if it’s structurally safe after an accident — you may not be able to see it.

This is one rule never to compromise on. Although you may end up trashing a seemingly “all-in-working-order” helmet, you don’t want to be riding around with protective gear that could be half as effective — you may as well be wearing no helmet at all!

Putting mishaps to one side, it’s recommended to replace your helmet within five to ten years, depending on wear and tear — things like sweat, dust, and even insect repellent can cause degradation.

Bike Helmet Safety Standards

Although finding stylish headgear is a bonus, whichever helmet you choose, it needs to meet the industry safety standards to ensure the best protection.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards (CPSC)

Every helmet needs to meet these standards by law. They’ve been in place since 1999, but they’re the gold standard of safety that manufacturers need to adhere to.

These include:

  • The helmet shouldn’t obstruct the rider’s scope of vision.
  • In case of a fall, the helmet remains firmly on the rider’s head.
  • Testing chin straps — when force is applied, they do not stretch.
  • The helmet must significantly reduce impact.

There are also newer tests like the Virginia Tech and IIHS STAR tests, which are third-party testing systems — they’re great for informational purposes.

You may come across helmets that are also CE-certified — this is the European safety standard. While it’s good, it doesn’t necessarily mean the helmet complies with CPSC regulations.

Bottom line.

For the US market CPSC approval is what you should be looking out for.

best cool bike helmets

What Helmet Features Should I Consider?

May I offer a piece of advice.

One thing I suggest is always buy a new helmet and not a used one! You’ll never know the full track record of a pre-owned skid lid and ultimately, if it’s totally safe.

Here are a few other points to think about when choosing a cool bike helmet.


Whether you’re into cyclocross, BMX, or just cruising on a Sunday ride, there’s a helmet for every environment. Depending on your cycle-style, you may prefer to choose one type over another.

  • Road helmets — are lightweight and streamlined and provide plenty of ventilation. You’ll know it’s a road helmet by the abundance of vents.
  • Commuter helmets — tend to be less aerodynamic and have mid-level breathability. They’re more basic and often come in hat-like styles.
  • Mountain bike helmets — usually have a front visor to block the sun and are a bit chunkier.

Impact Absorbing Technology

Many modern helmets feature built-in technology called MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system).

This may sound technical, but the principle is simple — it’s an extra specialized layer inside the helmet — you’ll see a thin yellow plastic layer underneath the padding in a MIPS helmet. What it does is reduce the rotational force on the head when there’s an impact.

If you can find a helmet with MIPS, great! If not, there should still be a layer of padded, shock-absorbing EPS foam (expanded polystyrene). The shell is often made from polycarbonate or ABS plastic, both of which are lightweight but sturdy and durable, and help to reduce impact too.

Fit & Comfort

In the event of a crash, you want the helmet to be tight enough that it doesn’t fly off your head. Many of them have a dial-type retention system (head cradle) that you can tighten for a snug fit. This helps the helmet to do its job properly and be in the right position to protect your head.

Also, make sure the straps are easily adjustable, sturdy, and won’t slip or slide. Even if the helmet fits snugly, you’ll want the extra reinforcement of a tight (but not choking) chin strap.

An uncomfortable helmet can also ruin your ride! Always check the sizing guide before buying, and yes, you’ll need to measure your head to get it right.


Heat affects different people in different ways. If you’re someone who struggles with overheating, you’ll want something that includes plenty of vents for air circulation.

Just because a helmet has plenty of vents, it doesn’t automatically mean it will be well-ventilated — the vent system needs to be well designed — with enough helmet to absorb impact if required.

Cool Factor & Cool Features

These cool bike helmets all look awesome, which is what we all want for something we’re going to be wearing often in public. Aesthetics will depend on your personal preference, but most of them offer a variety of color schemes and unique but safe designs.

They also come with many unusual extras, which is why I think they’re fantastic! Some are helpful safety features, and some add pure style.

Built-in lights, turn signals, Bluetooth, integrated fitness trackers, and foldability are features I find to be useful, yet at the same time — make you stand out from the pack.

coen van den broek f4r5KnAy 5I unsplash 1

What are The Best Cool Bike Helmets?

I’ve done my research and chosen these as the best cool bike helmets — I feel they tick all the safety and coolness boxes.

Our Overview

This one-size-fits-all helmet is my favorite choice when it comes to visibility. Whether you’re on the road during the day or taking a night ride, you should stand out and be easy for motorists to see — an important part of safety.

As cool bike helmets go, I feel like this one resembles a space gadget. With 10 white LEDs on the front, to illuminate your route. At the rear, 38 LEDs should help road users spot you from behind — as both a driver and rider myself, I give that a thumbs-up!

The helmet features a wireless remote that clips onto the handlebar. It’s weatherproof with only two buttons — in my opinion, you can’t beat it for simplicity! You can use the remote to control the lighting system to communicate your intentions.

The red LEDs also double as a brake light, flashing when you brake to warn others that you’re slowing down. The lights on the sides of the helmet become turn signals — so no driver can be taken by surprise.

If you’re one who enjoys tracking your rides, you can download the accompanying app, connect to your Apple watch, or Strava health. However, this may be best for shorter commutes — the battery could drain faster in this mode, leaving you disconnected for longer rides.

The standard model offers an EPS-foam padded core in a polycarbonate outer shell, which is quite impact-resistant. If you’re serious about your safety, you can purchase the MIPS version.

You can charge the headgear and remote with the handy cable that’s included. They take around 2 hours to charge completely, and the battery should last 3 hours on solid light mode, and up to six on flashing mode.



  • Offers 360-degree visibility with front and rear lights.
  • 22 large vents for a cool ride.
  • Suitable for use in other sports too.
  • Customize lights and track activity in the app.
  • Adjustable retention system designed to fit most heads (54 to 61cm).
  • MIPS option also available.
  • CPSC and EN certified.
  • Choice of five designs.
  • Longer battery life would be an improvement.
Our Overview

This stylish little helmet gets my vote for the best budget buy. I feel you’ll receive the funky features of higher-priced headgear, at a price that won’t make your head hurt.

It meets the CPSC safety standards and is made of high-density, impact-absorbing EPS-foam with a sturdy polycarbonate shell. The tension can be adjusted conveniently with a dial system — so you can make sure it’s a snug enough fit.

This cool bike helmet fits head sizes 53 to 61 cm, it’s also very lightweight, weighing only 288 grams. I love the idea of this for longer rides — you should hardly feel it there!

It also comes with a rechargeable USB safety light and a cable for easy charging. You can choose from nine different lighting modes, so no matter how dark or murky it is out there, you should be seen.

In my opinion, the eye protection factor this headgear offers is one of the best cool bike helmets features. The visor is removable and adjustable so that you could tailor it to the conditions. The magnetic goggles are another neat addition — they should defend your eyes regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.



  • Detachable visor and magnetic goggles.
  • Fast charging light — 2 hours.
  • 9 different light modes.
  • Ventilation system with 11 air-vents.
  • Value for money helmet.
  • Washable helmet pad.
  • Adjustable size suits most people.
  • Available in three colors.
  • No MIPS system available.
Our Overview

Every kid should learn to ride a bike from a young age! The benefits aren’t just for adults. As parents, we know that keeping our children safe while they’re having fun is essential.

I understand that getting a kid to wear safety gear can be so much easier when it’s adorable and eye-catching! I think this helmet is all about that. Let your child choose from three colorful dragon-designs. I’m pretty sure they’ll feel like the most stylish little bike rider on the block!

These cool bike helmets meet CPSC safety regulations, which I know is important to me as a mom! The shell is made from ABS and the inner from EPS foam for impact-decreasing bounciness.

I like the fact that this child’s helmet comes with a safety light, in case it gets a bit dark out while they’re still riding. The head size is adjustable (48 to 53cm), so parents can make sure it fits properly before sending their mini biker off on adventures.

  • 3 colorful kid-appealing designs.
  • CPSC safety standard compliant.
  • Suitable for sports other than cycling too.
  • Removable and washable inner pads.
  • Safety light for riding at dusk.
  • 12 vents for airflow.
  • Chinstrap fitted with pinch guard.
  • Doesn’t come with a user manual.
Our Overview

If you spend most of your time biking through the urban jungle on a single speed, I think this could appeal. The Plixi folds compact enough to slip inside a backpack or purse — I’d suggest it’s ideal for commuting in the city!

An ABS constructed design makes it lightweight but still sturdy and durable. The unique folding design doesn’t compromise safety — these cool bike helmets are CPSC-certified.

This helmet comes in two main sizes — S/M and L/XL. Despite that, I feel the adjustable fit system makes it easy for this helmet to suit everyone. With three colors to choose from, you can also look stylish while you’re on your way! It includes 14 air vents to facilitate sufficient airflow — so you shouldn’t arrive at the office a sweaty mess.

I love that you can customize it with accessories (optional extras). A removable visor is nice to have if you want to keep the sun off your face. Reflective stickers are always an extra safety touch! My favorite accessory is the removable waterproof umbrella cover — no more rain sprinkling through the vents!

  • Outer shell constructed of ABS. 
  • Easy to fit in a bag or purse. 
  • Customizable with accessories (sold separately). 
  • Extra inner pads included. 
  • 14 air flow vents to keep you cool on the commute.
  • Not MIPS enabled, although it is CPSC-certified.
Our Overview

If you’re a mountain biker, I think this helmet could possibly hit the mark. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but I feel it’s also one of the safest cool bike helmets — meeting all safety standards and incorporating the MIPS system for extra crash protection.

It also includes a unique Roll Cage reinforcement, so between that and the MIPS, your head should be well-protected.

Riding off-road can take some serious effort on your behalf, so it’s nice to see 16 wind vents included. They’re designed to channel air through effectively and keep your head cool while adventuring. The air fit system lifts the helmet slightly off the head — boosting ventilation.

Giro is well established within the cycling industry, engineering this helmet in their lab. I feel they’ve done a great job with the hydrophilic antimicrobial padding. It can absorb a large amount of moisture, keeping sweat out of your eyes and preventing odor.

It’s available in 11 different colors and four sizes from small to extra large. The fit can be easily adjusted using their Roc Loc tech system, so it should be tight and sturdy while you’re riding.

Adventure-seekers and adrenalin-lovers will get an extra kick out of this headgear — it features a full camera mount integration system to catch all those tricks on camera!

  • MIPS system in all colors.
  • Polycarbonate shell — lightweight and comfortable.
  • Roll Cage reinforcement for extra safety.
  • Adjustable visor included.
  • One of the best cool bike helmets for off-road riders.
  • Antimicrobial padding to prevent odor.
  • Hydrophilic padding retains moisture, keeping you dry and your eyes safe.
  • Camera mount durability is questionable.

simon connellan z3rjM1JXHEs unsplash 1

Cool Bike Helmets Conclusion

We should all wear headgear for our safety — it’s a serious subject but who says you can’t have some fun with its style and features?

My top pick for the best cool bike helmets is the Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet.

I feel this helmet includes those finer details which cover both elements. LED lights to make night riding a breeze, even brake lights and turn signals to inform drivers which way you’re heading.

Let’s not forget, it’s CPSC certified, and you also have the option of a MIPS model, should you want to take safety a step further.

Other super cool bike helmets deserving a mention are the affordable SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet , and mini-riders will love the Apusale Kids Bike Helmet.

But if you’re keen to get something really ice-cool in both aesthetics and features, I think the Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet is a step above the rest!

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