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Saddle sores and chaffing are a literal pain but there are many things we can do to help make cycling more comfortable for us women – and it all starts with our bike seats. We have reviewed 7 of the best bike seats for women so we can help you pick the ideal seat for you.

How To Choose The Best Bike Seat For Women

Discomfort and pain is not something you should just put up with if you have female anatomy and want to cycle. For years, I thought that I just had to deal with the horrible numbness and discomfort that occurred ‘down there’ after my daily ride.

Then one day, I found out that I could do a bunch of things to help avoid saddle soreness – and one of the most recommended things to do was to buy a better bike seat.

Bike seats come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but some are specially designed to help women avoid putting too much pressure on their sensitive areas while cycling.

So – what design features should you look for in a women’s bike seat?

How Are Bike Seats Sized?

Choosing the best bike seat for you all depends on your personal anatomy. There is no single bike seat that fits all women as we are all built differently and have diverse body types.

So, you need to find a seat that fits your rear properly – this is why you need to find out what seat width is right for you.

To help reduce saddle soreness and pain while cycling, you need to make sure that your bike seat’s width is the correct width for you to sit on.

Bike seats are sized by width and your seat’s width is measured by the bone structure of your rear. These bones are called your sit bones, and women typically have larger sit bones due to our wider child-bearing hips. Because of this, seats designed with men in mind are usually too narrow for women.

Women need a wider seat width so we can sit properly – but don’t go too wide or you will end up compressing your bones as you pedal or chaffing your thighs.

You need to get yourself measured and find out the width of your sit bones. A lot of bike shops have a measuring device that you can simply sit on and find out the exact width of your sit bones.

Once you have these measurements, you know which seats will be too narrow or too wide for you.

When looking for your ideal bike seat, remember to keep your measurements in mind. A good women’s bike seat should be available in more than one size so it can be the perfect fit for more than just one body type.

Why Do Some Bike Seats Have Holes?

A lot of seats are designed for different kinds of cycling – mountain biking, endurance, racing. There is no ideal shape for female anatomy (the width is the important thing to consider when looking at shapes and sizes) but there is one recurring design feature that may be more advantageous for women.

If you have browsed a lot of bike seats, you may have noticed that some have a gap in the middle. This cut out is sometimes called a divot, and is usually a key difference between men’s and women’s bike seats.

Women have forward rotated pelvises and this means we put a lot of pressure down on pelvis while cycling. The most sensitive parts of our body – like our and urinary tract – end up taking our weight while we cycle. This is why cycling can be so uncomfortable for women.

All that pressure over long periods of time can lead to swollen labia and damage our urinary tract. However, a divot or a deep groove in the seat helps alleviate the pressure from the genital area so women don’t end up damaging our most delicate areas while cycling.

Having a bike seat with a divot is highly recommended for women so we can cycle without putting pressure on our genitals. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it is definitely worth trying out.

Padding: Should You Have More Or Less?

A common misconception when it comes to bike seats and padding is that the more padding a seat has, the more comfortable it is to sit on. However, this is not the case.

Having too much padding on your seat means that your sit bones are not sitting on a firm surface. If you sit bones sink into a soft surface, then they will keep sinking until your more sensitive parts like your genitals end up pressing against the padding too.

This means that you could end up putting pressure on your genitals while you cycle because your sit bones are not sat on a firm surface and are not holding you up.

So, it is best to keep padding at a minimum. Bike seats that offer lots of padding and advertise themselves as ‘comfortable’ might not end up being so nice to sit on.

Choosing a bike seat with solid padding means that the padding won’t break in and you can sit comfortably on your sit bones to avoid putting pressure on your sensitive parts.

What Causes Cycling-Related Saddle Sores And Pain?

While there are many causes of saddle sores and pain while cycling, the biggest cause is usually chafing.

Skin from your thighs can rub against your bicycle seat while you are cycling and cause redness and irritation. Men are also at risk of these kinds of sores, which is why finding the right sized seat and also proper cycling pants is important.

Women are usually more susceptible because normal cycling seats are usually designed for men, and so typical bike seats aren’t wide enough for the average woman’s hips.

Sweat is also another cause as sitting in your seat for long periods of time while cycling can build up sweat and leave your skin warm and moist. Some bikes come with ventilation grooves that also help take the pressure off female genitals, so women are less likely to feel numb in their private areas while also feeling cooler and dryer.

All of these issues related to cycling – saddle sores, chafing, pain and numbness – are all very common and serious as they can make you dislike cycling when it should be fun! This is why finding the right bike seat for you is so vital. Without it, you could be putting your health at risk and avoid using cycling as a form of much-needed exercise.

So stop tolerating all that pain, read our list of the best bike seats for women below, and hopefully find the right kind of seat for you!

Best Bike Seats For Women Reviews

Our Overview

The Serfas RX women’s bike seat has a rather unique design that makes it stand out against other bicycle seats.

It features a split right down the middle instead of a divot, which Serfas calls the ‘pressure eliminating channel’ so pressure is taken off your delicate areas and this should allow blood to flow freely to reduce the chances of numbness and discomfort.

This means that using this bike seat could make you able to cycle for longer periods of time, which would be ideal to travel further distances or to simply last longer on your stationary bike.

Combine this with the four layer padding system used in the seat, and this bike seat should provide you with enough support to help get rid of discomfort from your cycling experience.

The padding uses different kinds of foam and materials like gel and closed cell foam, giving you a firm seat to rest your sit bones on that may also absorb the shock from rocks on your trail.

However, good seat width is also needed to help reduce your risk of pain but Serfas do not offer any sizing options. This means that this seat is likely available in one size, which is not handy if you need a seat that is wider than 7 inches.

There’s also positive feedback for the lack of rough edges in the tubular stainless steel, preventing damage to their shoes. Some also mentioned that these clips accommodate almost any shoe. 

Ease of installation is a bit of an issue, though. Users say that they can be hard to install, and some found they took time to get used to. 


  • This seat is a great peloton saddle replacement so you can enjoy cycling from the comfort of your own home.
  • The split in the seat’s design works just as great as any other divot, taking the pressure off your sensitive areas to reduce the chances of pain during cycling.
  • The padding of the seat is made of 4 layers of different foams and materials, ensuring a firm seat that still absorbs the shocks and bumps that come with a rocky road.


  • I can’t see any sizing options, so it is likely that this seat is only available in one size – unlucky for anyone who needs a different sized seat for their sit bones.

Our Overview

Terry is a company that has been designing and creating bicycle seats for 30 years with one mission in mind: get more women riding bicycles.

Because saddle soreness and pain is a huge issue that a lot of women complain about when it comes to cycling, Terry has aimed to solve this problem by creating a huge range of bike seats to get women cycling comfortably.

Their Butterfly bike seat is sleek and stylish, and the range shows off a lot of seats with different colors and patterns – but this is also more than just a nice looking bike seat.

It features a large divot for women with different sizes of labia, meaning that the divot is more likely to take away the pressure that is usually put on a woman’s pelvis and genitals while they are cycling.

With the reduced amount of pressure, you are less likely to damage yourself and can cycle in confidence.

Their Butterfly seats also come in a range of seat widths to help support a lot of women with different sit bone sizes, so you are more likely to find the right size bike seat for you.

But this chance of a comfortable ride comes at a price – a big one. The cost of this bike seat is extremely expensive due to Terry being such a popular brand and the quality of the materials in this seat are very high.

Unless you have a higher budget to spend and will get your use out of this bike seat, perhaps you will want to look for a more affordable option.


  • Terry is a hugely popular brand well known for making bike seats designed with women’s anatomy and comfort in mind.
  • Stylish designs make them eye-catching.
  • Large divot design means that you can put pressure on the areas of your body that can take it and reduce your risk of damaging your more delicate parts, making your riding experience more comfortable.
  • Many types and sized seats available with different adjustments made for larger sit bones and different styles of cycling.


  • This seat is one of the more expensive options, due to the high quality design and materials that has gone into making it, so it is not ideal for anyone looking for an affordable seat.
Best Bike Seat For Women 3

Our Overview

For high quality bike seats, a lot of cyclists (both male and female) choose to buy their seats from Wittkop.

Wittkop are a german company that have been making bike saddles since 1898 – that’s over a century’s worth of experience in the bike industry!

They have been researching bike seats for decades and created bike seats with so many benefits.

Their seats are incredibly comfortable to sit on, even despite the very little padding they put into them.

This makes the seat very firm for your sit bones so you are less likely to put pressure onto your more sensitive areas.

Wittkop seats are also available in different styles that suit your style of cycling better and also come in more than one width.

This means you are more likely to find the right seat with the correct width for your sit bones.

While this support and firmness means that you may find this bike seat the most comfortable for you to ride on, some cyclists may find it too firm at first and feel a little pain after the first couple of rides.

This should eventually go away after the seat is broken in, but you might be tempted to give up after the first couple of sessions using this bike seat.


  • The little amount of padding provides a firm seat for your sit bones, so you don’t end up putting pressure on your pelvis or groin area.
  • Available in three different types to offer a range of widths for different sit bones and sitting positions. .
  • Made by Wittkop, a favored brand that has over a century’s worth of research to make professional bike seats so you can enjoy many other benefits with this bike seat.


  • It can take a few sessions to get used to this seat, so you should expect some discomfort after your first few sessions – but this should go away eventually.

Our Overview

This bike seat from Gincleey is a unisex seat but it still has a lot of features that could be advantageous for women cyclists.

It comes in extra wide sizes so women with larger sit bones are more likely to find the right seat width for them, and has a modest divot that can help take the pressure off your more sensitive area while you cycle.

This divot may actually be more useful on this seat as the memory foam padding is not very firm, and feels rather soft and squishy.

This means your sit bones are probably going to sink into the material and put more pressure on your pelvis – but the divot should help reduce the possibility of soreness and pain.

However, you may want to expect your rear to get a bit sweaty from all that cushion.

But despite this, this bike seat comes at an affordable price and is versatile enough to be able to be fitted onto both stationary and moving bikes.

This could come in handy if you like to alternate between the two, as it may save you having to purchase two seats.

You may find this method to be easier as long as you find installing the seat quick and simple, but perhaps not if you think it is too much of a hassle. However, the option is still there if you ever find you need it.


  • The affordable price makes this a good choice for those seeking a bike seat on a budget.
  • It is available in wide and extra wide sizes for those who need a larger seat to sit on correctly, reducing the risk of pain while cycling, making it a good choice for women with wide sit bones.
  • Fits onto both stationary and moving bikes, so you can use this bike seat no matter if you are staying indoors or heading outdoors for your cycling experience


  • The padding can be squishy and soft, meaning that your rear can get rather sweaty during your ride – but the divot feature means you are less likely to put pressure on your sensitive areas.
  • This seat is unisex and was not designed to solely meet the needs of women.

Our Overview

Selle are an Italian company that have been making bike seats and saddles for years, and have put a lot of time and effort into making their bike seats comfortable and suitable for a lot of cyclists.

They have a number of women’s seats available, including the Royal Respiro bicycle saddle.

This bike seat has a lot of features that can help you achieve a more comfortable ride, including a good design that is balanced to help protect all of your private areas.

The front hump is more flattened so the front of your pelvis is not constantly pressed and squashed against it, and the sides are curved to reduce the chances of you chafing your thighs.

There is also a deep groove in the seat that helps ventilation and takes some pressure off your genitals.

As for the padding, there is some in the seat made from a gel but it is rock hard and serves as a firm surface for you to sit on.

This means that your sit bones are less likely to sink into any soft padding and end up putting more pressure on your thighs and pelvis.

However, this solid padding also weighs a lot and makes this seat rather heavy. Despite this, the Selle Royal Respiro is a seat with a lot of design features that may help you have a more comfortable ride.


  • This seat is part of Selle’s Respiro range, meaning that it is designed for ventilation in mind to keep you cool during your cycling ride.
  • Well designed seat means that the divort and front hump are balanced to reduce the chance of chafing your thighs and squashing your groin.
  • The back of the seat is also wide enough to fit larger sit bones.
  • Rock solid padding provides a firm surface for your sit bones to push onto, propping you up and supporting your bones as you cycle.


  • This seat does unfortunately weigh quite a bit and will add a few pounds to your bike.
Best Bike Seat For Women 9

Our Overview

For a really affordable bike seat option, you should consider the Bikeroo bike seat.

This bike seat is unisex but that does not mean it is less comfortable than bike seats designed purely for women.

This bike seat features a divot for ventilation and comfort, and uses memory foam padding to provide a firm seat.

All of these features can help fight off saddle soreness and discomfort while riding, so this seat is just as available to women as it is to men with wider sit bones.

Despite being a unisex seat, it is still a good contender for a best women’s bike seat.

What’s more is that for such an affordable price, you can also get a bunch of accessories with your purchase including a waterproof rain cover so you can cycle in all kinds of weather, and a saddle adapter and mounting tools to help make the process of mounting the seat onto your bike as easy as possible.

However, this bike seat is created from cheaper materials that can break easily, such as faux leather that can split. This is why this bike seat is so affordable as it may not last very long.


  • The most affordable bike seat on our list, so it is a good seat for consideration if you are on a seriously tight budget.
  • The memory foam padding is firm and makes this seat a comfortable one to sit on and ride.
  • This bike seat also comes with a waterproof cover and saddle adaptor, so you can save spending even more money on extra accessories because they are already included.


  • Due to the affordable pricing, this seat is made from cheap materials so don’t expect it to last for years – it is very easy to damage and split.
  • It is unisex, so it is not designed with only women in mind.

Our Overview

This is another Selle bike seat but from a different range. However, the Selle Italia Diva bike seat is still designed with female anatomy in mind, and features a large divot that is rarely seen on other bike seats in this size.

This could be ideal for those with larger labia as the seat has a larger cut-out section to take the pressure away from the whole area of your genitals. This larger divot can also help keep you cool and fresh during your ride.

Like with the Royal Respiro, the Selle Italia Diva uses gel technology to provide firm padding that is less likely to let your sit bones sink in.

The proper support to your position can possibly help you cycle for longer as you are less likely to feel sore and achy.

But where the Royal Respiro felt heavy due to the gel padding, the Diva bike seat feels much lighter. This could be because Selle has made the rails from titanium – a metal that is lightweight but also durable.

While these design improvements seem to build on the Royal Respiro, there is one downside to the Diva that the Royal Respiro does not have – a huge price tag.

The Diva is much more expensive and this cost can turn off a lot of potential buyers.


  • Designed and created with a large divot so you can keep pressure off your genitals and sensitive areas, also keeping you cool and fresh while you cycle.
  • The gel padding in the seat is firm and yet still comfortable to sit on so you can keep cycling for longer periods of time.
  • Selle has created this seat using durable materials like titanium so it is both a tough bike seat and also incredibly lightweight for smoother rides.


  • This seat comes with a hefty price tag, so it is one of the more expensive options and certainly not very affordable.


Bike Seat For Women

After reviewing all 7 bike seats, you are probably wondering which one we would recommend the most.

While all 7 have their own strengths and weaknesses, there is one that really stands out to us as the best of the best. And that bike seat is…(drum roll please)….

Selle’s Royal Respiro bicycle saddle!

When our only complaint about a bike seat is that it’s a bit heavy, you know we are really looking for something to critique here.

This bike seat really does have it all: solid padding, a wide and well designed seat, and is made by a trusted and reliable brand! The price is also a comfortable medium between the cheaper seats and the more expensive ones like Terry’s Butterfly bike seats.

Unlike the unisex seats like Bikeroo and Gincleery, you can tell this bike seat was designed with female anatomy in mind.

We found that Royal Respiro was a very comfortable seat that really helped fight off any pain or discomfort that usually occurs during cycling rides.

The groove really works well even though it is not a divot, we found that it still takes the pressure away from our more intimate areas and made our cycling experience more enjoyable.

Of course, everyone is different so while this bike seat may not be ideal for you, we certainly recommend you give it a try!

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