Best Bikes for Big Guys

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Whether you’re made of muscle or carry extra weight, you can’t always trust the things smaller people use.

This includes bicycles—can you be certain they won’t buckle under your weight?

Yes, you can, with the right bicycle!

With careful research, I’ve tracked down what I believe to be the best bikes for big guys:

Notice that these are either cruisers or mountain bikes, so let’s explore why.

What Type of Bicycle Is Best for Big Guys?

That’s a tough question, to which there is no solid answer, but common sense does win.

I recommend mountain bikes and cruisers for big guys.


Because they have large, supportive tires, and you often need to customize road bikes’ wheels to support more weight.

However, using mountain and cruiser bikes means you won’t have a ton of speed while riding, so be aware of this.

For speed-centric big guys, you can build up to speed as a priority, depending on what makes your mass.

For Muscled Guys

Although you won’t be super aerodynamic with mountains and cruisers, your probable strength and endurance can help you gather fantastic speed.

For powerful, muscled guys, choose a mountain bike. For going fast on a cruiser, you’ll need one with a ton of gears—with mountain bikes, you require fewer.

Once you’re committed to cycling, you can consider customizing a road bicycle to gather speed, but expect to pay more for it.

For Carrying Extra Weight

For big guys who carry extra weight, it’s a different story.

I recommend you start with a mountain bike since the tires are wider, requiring less balance. If you’re already a confident cyclist, go straight for a road bike to blitz the cycle routes. The frames will still be sturdy enough to carry the extra weight.

If you do go for a mountain bike, choose one with large wheels but regular tires. 4-inch-wide tires will slow you down, so go for something smaller.

For Cruiser Bikes

If speed and exercise aren’t your thing, you can skip the mountain and go for the cruiser.

Cruisers allow for relaxed riding and excellent posture thanks to their handlebar shape. As being heavy can put pressure on joints, healthy posture is ideal.

What Do Big Guys Need in a Bicycle?

As a big guy, your needs aren’t so different from smaller people’s. For you, it’s mainly about comfort and a bike frame that supports your frame.

A Comfortable Saddle

Let’s face it—standard bike seats aren’t comfortable. They’re often hard and aren’t shaped for an easy ride.

Their shape is especially unpleasant on larger or heavier people! Heavier people will put more pressure on their saddle. It will be jammed against you, so you need a cushioned one to avoid an ache!

I also recommend a wider saddle, which can:

  • Support more of a wider person.
  • Distribute your weight more evenly.

A comfortable saddle isn’t vital in your purchase if the rest of the bicycle is your perfect match, though. But, I recommend you factor a replacement saddle into your budget. 

There are many fantastic wide, comfortable saddles available. I recommend the YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat due to its comfort levels at a fair price. Just make sure the bicycle you choose has a removable saddle!

A Sturdy Frame

The strongest material you’ll get in a bicycle frame is carbon fiber. It’s often used in many high-end bicycles.

If you ever come across a carbon fiber bicycle, I recommend you get it—it’ll last years while being incredibly lightweight.

The one thing to note on carbon fiber bikes is the price; they’re more expensive than steel and aluminum in general.

Unfortunately, they’re also harder to source online. So, I recommend the next best thing for strength and durability: steel.

Steel is heavy, but I feel that this is the only downside. It’s sturdy and should support your weight well—better than aluminum. My research into various bicycles has shown me that steel trumps aluminum with weight capacity every time.

That said, there are some insanely strong aluminum bicycles! Don’t disregard one until you examine its weight capacity and standout features.

Large Tires

Large tires will support more weight—just look at the tires on trucks vs. cars. Not only that, they’ll support your weight more evenly if they’re wide.

The main downside of large tires is that you won’t be able to go as quickly as thin ones. There’s more tire touching the ground, creating the friction that stops you from gliding along.

Furthermore, many bicycles advertised as having “fat tires” also have a thick, knobbly tread. This adds further friction—think of the tread pattern on winter boots that stops you slipping on ice.


There are three main brake options:

  • Disc.
  • Caliper.
  • Coaster.

Disc brakes press a disc into the wheel, effectively stopping your bicycle. The disc is often metal, so it won’t bend or buckle under your weight.

Caliper brakes aren’t quite as tough, making disc brakes the choice for big guys.

Luckily, most mountain bicycles have disc brakes, as they work for the larger tires.

In my opinion, coaster brakes are the least convenient and trickiest to use. You pedal backward to stop the bike with these.

One of my top picks has coaster brakes, which I don’t love, but the other features make up for it. I recommend you place one foot on the ground immediately after using coaster brakes.


When you pair your weight and the steel frame’s weight, more exertion is needed, especially if you’re inexperienced and your weight isn’t muscle.

So, imagine trying to go uphill on a single-speed bicycle. It’s not optimal!

I recommend at least three gears on your bicycle:

  • Low for going uphill.
  • Medium for pulling off and cruising.
  • High for even ground and optimal speed.

The more, the better—you can cycle on a range of terrains when you have ample gears to play with.

But, even with gears, going uphill as a heavier rider can be tough!


Adjustable Saddle Height

Some big guys are mainly big because of tremendous height. (More body = more weight!)

If that’s you, look for a bicycle with an adjustable saddle. You might need it at maximum height to ensure a comfortable leg extension. 

Adjustable handlebars would work well with this, too. It’ll stop you from hunching or slouching.

a bike parked at snow field

Reviews of the Best Bikes for Big Guys

After some careful research, I’ve tracked down four fantastic bicycles. I feel each can suit a big guy well, and they have a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.

Our Overview

First up, we have a cruiser. Cruisers have many benefits, and one of them is relaxed riding.

You also have the practicality of seven gears—making propelling the bicycle a comfort, too. It should be suitable for use on various inclines and terrains.

The large tires, stopped at will by disc brakes, can certainly handle rough terrain—they’re large for a cruiser, making them supportive and shock-absorbent. Customers certainly have no complaints.

Sxthreezero’s aluminum frame will also be supportive, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The rear rack can hold a further 45 pounds. 

This bicycle doesn’t have the highest weight capacity of my picks today, nor are its components the most adjustable. But, it has 100 pounds greater weight capacity than most aluminum bikes I’ve encountered! It gets bonus points for that, as aluminum isn’t usually the best for big guys.

Being aluminum gives you the added benefit of a light bicycle. You’ll be able to go faster and store it with ease.


  • Supports 300 pounds.
  • Excellent large wheels, lacking treads that’ll slow you too much.
  • Seven gears—a great middle ground.
  • Wide, padded seat.
  • Rear rack is useful for running errands.
  • Handlebars encourage a healthy posture.


  • Weight capacity could be higher compared to other bicycles.
  • Steel frame would be more durable.


  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds.
  • Wheel size: 26-inch diameter.
  • Gears: 7.
  • Frame material: Aluminum.
  • Brakes: Disc.

Our Overview

If you prefer a cooler bicycle, robust for adventure, consider the Mongoose Dolomite. It’s a 26-inch mountain bike with 4-inch extra-wide tires, equipped with disc brakes. These tires create excellent support for big guys.

The bicycle also features a steel frame strong enough to support up to 350 pounds

As well as supporting weight, the bicycle also aids posture. It has straight, adjustable handlebars for a more engaged riding position.

On the other hand, the 17-inch frame isn’t great if your height is as expansive as your weight. You’ll be cramped if you’re over 6 feet tall.

Another downside is that the seat isn’t very wide—most customers don’t find issues with this, but it’s not great for big guys. Consider replacing the saddle if you’d like something more suitable.

Its strong suit is far from comfort—it’s the weight capacity and ease of riding that customers enjoy.

However, they don’t enjoy the assembly. It’s extensive, and many buyers needed expert help tackling it. Keep this in mind, as this help won’t be free.


  • Fat tires for great shock absorption and weight distribution.
  • Knobby tread pattern for uneven terrain.
  • Perfect for adventuring off-road.
  • High weight capacity.


  • Small frame.
  • Narrow seat.
  • Requires extensive assembly.


  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds.
  • Wheel size: 26-inch diameter.
  • Gears: 7.
  • Frame material: Steel.
  • Brakes: Disc.
Best Bikes for Big Guys 3

Our Overview

Going back to something more casual, this cruiser is exactly that. In fact, it’s so casual that it has coaster brakes.

If that’s not for you—skip this one.

Coaster brakes are all right? Read on!

This beach-ready, wide-saddled bicycle has a 19-inch steel frame, making it stronger than my top pick and larger than the previous cycle. Customers up to 6’3” had no issues with it, and some praised its comfort.

And with a weight capacity of 350 pounds, it can handle a lot, and customers say it rides well while doing it.

Just be careful with the wheels. Some customers had issues with the spokes breaking seven months in.


  • Sleek matte black visual.
  • Adequate gears for basic cycling.
  • Beach-ready.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Semi-enclosed chain.


  • Possibly weak spokes.
  • No rear rack, which most cruisers have.
  • Coaster brakes aren’t the most convenient.


  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds.
  • Wheel size: 26-inch diameter.
  • Gears: 3.
  • Frame material: Steel.
  • Brakes: Coaster.

Our Overview

Here’s a bicycle if you want a larger wheel diameter instead of wider tires. It’s a regular old mountain bike but with 27.5-inch tires—bigger than average, and the largest of my picks.

Although, the tires have an issue. The bike frame can hold 350 pounds. However, at that weight, you should ride on slightly deflated tires. Full tires on this bike can pop under that pressure.

The other downside is the narrow saddle. You can easily replace the saddle and adjust it, and the handlebars, to your liking.

So, out of the box, it’s not the most comfortable bicycle, but it performs well. One area it excels in is with gears. It has 21 gears—perfect for any terrains and any slopes. 

Also, while the disc brakes are a nice addition, some customers found the brakes stiff.


  • High weight capacity, once you adjust the tires.
  • Stable but non-restrictive tread pattern.
  • High number of gears creates versatility.
  • Larger wheels overall add great support.


  • Narrow saddle, but it’s replaceable.
  • Stiff brakes.
  • Tires may pop under pressure.


  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds.
  • Wheel size: 27.5 inches
  • Gears: 21.
  • Frame material: Steel.
  • Brakes: Disc.

Best Bikes for Big Guys



In my opinion, the best bikes for big guys winner is the Sixthreezero Cruiser Bike. I feel it’s an excellent bicycle for easy riding, whether it’s commuting or going on adventures.

In addition, there are enough gears to tackle a few terrains, so it should suit any location. And, as the tires are large but not huge, they can tackle them at speed—but nothing too swift.

It’s a fantastic middle-ground for beginner and experienced cyclists. I wouldn’t take it anywhere too adventurous, but it could withstand a debris-free dirt trail at a decent speed.

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