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They say you never forget how to ride a bike, we think the same applies to your first bicycle. It’s a big purchase, after all.

If you’re looking for a great bicycle for your girl, or to upgrade her existing model, you’ll want to know what specs to check out.

You’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover the best bikes for girls, along with the essential elements to keep in mind while you’re shopping. 

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For a quick look at the best girls bikes in 2020, here’s a rundown of our list:



Best Bikes for Girls


How Do You Choose the Best Girls Bikes

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When you’re looking to pick up a bike for your little girl, make sure to look out for the following factors to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Color

Young children, regardless of their gender, are first drawn to the look and appeal of a bike over the rest of its features. If the design and color of the bike is to their liking, then there’s no stopping them from giving the bike a good go!

Almost all the girls bikes in this segment feature various color options to help you pick the right model for your child. Make sure to look out for fun graphics such as the Dynacraft Trolls Girls BMX Street/Dirt Bike to add some extra oomph to the look of the bike.


You don’t want to pick up a bike for your child that can be difficult to pedal or even push around when necessary. It’s always recommended that you check the weight of your child before making a purchase. Look to pick up a model that’s roughly 40 percent the overall weight of your child.

This should be light enough to help them navigate the bike with ease, but also heavy enough to offer a smooth and stable riding experience. 

The bike’s material plays a huge role in determining the weight of the model. Aluminum girls bikes tend to be on the lighter side of the spectrum, while steel frame bikes are far heavier than similar girls bikes.

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Design and Geometry

Based on the seating position of the girls bike and the general design utilized, your child can have varying experiences. Some girls bikes require your child to lean in a lot more, while others provide an upright position when seated.

The seating position is a highly subjective experience and it’s best to have your child test out both positions to find out which one appeals to them. Casual riders or timid riders usually prefer an upright seating position, while experienced and aggressive bikers prefer leaning in while riding.

Braking System

Based on the age of your child, it’s great to have the option of having a dual braking system in your girls bikes to help them get a hang of this new facet of riding. 

Some girls bikes such as the Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids include rear coaster brakes and front brake calipers. This gives your child the opportunity to get comfortable using both braking systems. 

This would be the ideal purchase to make if your child is just starting to learn how to ride their bike.

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Reviews of the Best Girls Bikes

In this section, we present a detailed breakdown of the top selections in our category. This list is in no particular order except for the first selection that’s the winner in this segment.

Our Overview

Your baby girl will forever love you for picking out this adorable and safe bike presented by Coewske. Based on its overall features and stability, we have no qualms naming this the best bike in this segment.

This best girls bike is available in various colors and also includes variations in the wheel size. You can pick out a model from the 12 inch bike tires range to the 20 inch bike tires range based on the size of your little one.

The front and rear v-brake of this bike is coupled with a foot brake in order to provide your little tot with plenty of stopping power when she’s on the move. This braking system is intuitive and easy to use.

A set of 2 inch bike tires in this best girls bike are made using highly durable rubber. They feature extra width and thickness to ensure that they never burst during usage.

This model also has a wider footrest design so your child can rest her feet while she’s riding the girls bike. 

The chain guard on this bike is also fully enclosed to ensure the safety of your kids. Another safety feature is a set of flanged grips on the handle bars. These offer the rider the best possible grip and prevent their hands from slipping off at any point. 

A majority of this bike is already installed upon delivery. You only need to put together major components such as the pedals, saddle, and training wheels. You’ll also find all the tools you’ll need to put this bike together in the purchase itself.

The only issue with this best girls bike when considering user reviews is with regards to its overall durability as it seems to be a bit mediocre in this department.


  • Sporty design.
  • Foot brake and v-brakes provide ample stopping power.
  • Wide tires to avoid bursting.
  • Wide footrest for added comfort.
  • Flanged grips.
  • Easy to install.


  • Overall durability is mediocre.

Our Overview

Most kids learn to ride a bike with training wheels first. If you have a girl who’s in this precious phase of learning to ride her first bike, you need a quality model with a sturdy pair of training wheels.

This bike by Joystar features a sturdy steel frame and fork. The use of steel in this best girls bike makes it tough and durable, all the while boosting the stability of the bike. The fork is also able to offer impact resistance when tackling challenging terrains. 

Your child will be able to easily stop this bike thanks to the use of coaster brakes and handbrakes. These offer competent stopping power and ensure that your little one stays in control of her bike at all times.

To further ensure the safety of your young rider, Joystar included a set of 12 inch bike wheels, wrapped with rubber off-road tires. These tires offer outstanding stability and grip across a wide range of weather conditions.

A single-speed drivetrain is provided in this bike, thereby making the model a low-maintenance affair. 

Assembling this bike is easy and you’re also provided with all the tools you’ll need to put this bike together.

Based on customer reviews, however, the steel frame places this bike on the heavier end of the spectrum, and this affects its overall mobility.


  • Strong and sturdy steel frame and fork.
  • Includes coaster brakes and a handbrake.
  • Tough tires wrapped in rubber.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Mobility affected by the steel frame.

Our Overview

The Schwinn Elm Girls Bike is a premium offering by the brand for those who’re looking for the most expensive and versatile bike.

It includes a set of 20 inch bike wheels that are ideal for children ages six and up. Your child can use this bike to ride on sidewalks and around the neighborhood leisurely.

The SmartStart technology in this best girls bike improves the riding experience for your kids. This includes a lighter frame, forward-positioning cranks and pedals, and a gear system that’s simple to manage.

As this bike has been specially designed for young girls, it includes a rear coaster brake system and a set of front caliper brakes to help them slowly transition from one braking style to the other. They can switch to using the hand brake when they’re ready.

A tool-free adjustment system helps improve the riding experience entirely. You can customize the seat post, slack seat-tube angle, and saddle without any tools to help your little girl feel perfectly comfortable on this bike.

The Q-factor technology used here also matches the width of a child’s hip with the pedal position, to help make pedaling feel natural. 

According to user reviews, however, the one major downside of this model is the overall weight that’s on the higher end of the scale.


  • SmartStart technology improves overall riding experience.
  • Includes two brake styles for learning and improvement.
  • Easy to adjust the position of the bike without any tools.


  • The bike feels pretty heavy.

Our Overview

Our next offering is exactly the opposite of our previous product in terms of its pricing, making it the best budget bike for girls on our list. 

This is the ideal beginner-level BMX street bike and can be considered for girls who’re just starting to learn how to ride. It comes with a set of coaster brakes to help them easily stop the bike whenever necessary.

It also includes a set of adjustable training wheels to ease them into the process of learning to ride their first bike. 

You don’t have to worry about falls or bent frames as the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the fork and frame of this bike. 

You should consider purchasing this model if your little one is between the ages of four and eight and weighs under 81 pounds.

Customers have noticed a recurring design flaw related to the handlebars though. They seem to become loose fairly frequently and you’ll need to tighten it from time to time.


  • Ideal beginner-level bike.
  • Includes coaster brakes.
  • Adjustable training wheels.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.


  • Handlebar requires regular adjustments.

Our Overview

Here we have yet another Dynacraft bike, and this one is considered the best street bike for your little girl in this category.

This model includes a set of 16 inch bike tires and a set of front and rear hand-brakes coupled with coaster brakes. This allows them to have both options handy when they’re looking to stop the bike.

In terms of the look of this bike, you’ll note the use of colorful graphics applied across the adjustable seat and handlebar bag in order to liven up its look and appeal.

This model also includes a set of adjustable training wheels for girls who’re still perfecting the art of riding a bike.

A lifetime warranty is also available on the frame and fork of this model, making returns and repairs extremely convenient.

This is a great bike for children between the ages of four and eight and under 81 pounds.

Users have noted that the accessories offered on this bike are of a poor quality and bring down the overall rating of this bike.


  • Includes front and rear hand brakes and coaster brakes.
  • Color graphics improve the look of this bike.
  • Includes training wheels.
  • Frame and fork lifetime warranty.


  • Poor quality accessories.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

father teaching his son how to ride a bike

Riding a bike can be an extremely fun and liberating experience for young girls the world over. Kids tend to get their first taste of freedom once they have their own bike and it becomes a landmark moment in their life for this reason and a lot more.

If you’re looking to purchase a bike for your little girl, we’d highly recommend the COEWSKE Kid's Bike. This model includes an incredible design, excellent stopping power, and a set of sturdy tires. 

The fact that it looks as cute as a button is a major bonus as well!

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