Best Bikes for Heavy Riders

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Cycling is an amazing sport — it's inexpensive, gets you into the great outdoors, and can be enjoyed as a family experience.

But, if you’re somewhat larger than the ‘average’ cyclist — finding a bike that suits your physical frame is genuinely challenging.

The best bikes for heavy riders solve this tricky predicament.

The Top 10 Best Bikes for Heavy Riders


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The Paradox of Bikes for Heavy People

Before I get down to the meat in this best bikes for heavy riders article — allow me to ask you something:

If you’re looking to drop the pounds or increase your fitness — what’s the first action you take?

When I first started on my health and wellbeing journey, I did what I guess the majority of people do — search online.

And, whichever life-improvement site you happen upon — there are always two main pieces of advice — cut down on the calories and exercise more. Furthermore, I can guarantee that for increasing your activity level, they suggest starting with something nice and light — such as cycling.

This is an excellent recommendation — unless you happen not to fit the so-called ‘norm.’

Here’s the paradox.

To lose weight, they recommend you cycle — but, you’re too heavy for most bikes — so you need to shed the fat before you can get on two wheels.

Ridiculous, right?

The truth is, general ‘off-the-shelf’ cycles only have the capacity to carry riders of around 200 pounds. But, if you’re searching for bikes for 300 lbs man or woman — even higher weights — you're often hitting your head up against a brick wall.

Furthermore, this isn’t just an issue for those people who carry a little too much extra baggage. If you’re exceptionally tall, heavy-set, or have water retention issues — you can still fall out of the range of standard cycles.

Let me tell you something.

If you’re overweight — don’t stress — so are nearly 43 percent of adults in the USA. What’s more, being overweight has a lower threshold than you think, being defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of a BMI of 25 kg/m2 or greater.

Luckily — the best bikes for heavy riders allow riders of 250 pounds and above to get onto two-wheels (sometimes three) — safely and comfortably.

Types of Bikes for Heavy People

Dependent on your personal preferences — and for comfort and safety determined by your body mass — there are three main cycle types to consider.

bicycle outside

1. Elevated Capacity Cycles

In simple terms — a bike.

These cycles look exactly the same as a ‘standard’ machine but, through frame geometry, construction materials and tire size — they have the capability to safely transport those people who are bigger than the stereotypical rider.

Frequently, these two-wheelers fall into the cruiser or comfort bike category — meaning that they often possess features that enhance riding pleasure — such as heavily-padded saddles — that can benefit the more substantial cyclist.

These are the best bikes for heavy riders who weigh up to 300-350 pounds.

2. Trikes

These three-wheelers not only boast an elevated capacity of 300 pounds and over — but also have some additional bonuses for the larger rider.

If you’re quite substantial — riding a standard two-wheeler can be a challenge. Once in the saddle, you’re incredibly top-heavy, meaning that balance can be troublesome. Having three wheels means that this is not an issue — as they remain upright without you having to lean.

I'd suggest these may also be the best bikes for heavy riders who have never learned to ride — or haven’t sat in the saddle for many years.

Furthermore, trikes are lower to the ground and typically possess a step-thru frame — meaning you don't have to swing your leg over a ridiculously high top-bar. Thus making mounting and dismounting effortless.

3. Stationary Bikes

Also known as indoor cycles or exercise bikes — these machines allow you to ride in the comfort of your own home. They have the highest weight capacity of all the bike forms and hence will be the best bike for 500 lb person.

Many riders use them as a stepping-stone to a trike or standard bike — allowing the owner to drop a few pounds, increase fitness, and improve leg muscle strength before hitting the road.

bicycle with basket


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bikes for Heavy Riders

When selecting one of the best bikes for heavy riders, you need to ensure it provides comfort, safety and has a capacity suitable for your physical frame.

Here’s what to look out for:


As I outlined above, there are three main forms of bicycles for heavy riders        . Generally, their weight-carrying ability increases from extended capacity, to trikes, and finally to stationary cycles (that can be a suitable bicycle for 500 lb person).


As the rock band Queen sang in Fat Bottomed Girls (1978),

‘Get on your bike and ride….them fat bottomed girls’

Obviously, in these lyrics, Freddie Mercury was addressing the issue of larger persons riding cycles — in that it can be tough on your butt (ok, that probably wasn’t his intention, but run with it for me).

If your bike saddle isn’t comfortable — you’re unlikely to use it. The best bikes for heavy riders will feature a heavily cushioned seat.

Frame Style

Having more substantial physiology can make mounting or dismounting your bike challenging. To make it easier, look for cycles that have either a sloping top-bar — or allow you to ‘step-thru’ to climb on and off (all stationary bikes have this feature).


Consider a cycle with more than one speed — dropping to a lower gear can make your rides require less effort — ideal if you haven’t been in the saddle for a while or lack leg strength.

That said — you don’t have to go to any extremes.

The best bikes for heavy riders will feature a three to seven gear drivetrain. Unless you're competing in the mountain stage of the Tour de France — you probably won’t need a 21-speed derailleur.


The Ten Best Bikes for Heavy Riders

After extensive research, I believe I have collated the ultimate selection of the best bikes for heavy people. These encompass all three forms of cycle outlined earlier — meaning there’s undoubtedly a machine to meet your needs.

Our Overview

Style: Elevated Capacity — Cruiser.

Weight limit: 300 pounds.

Cycle weight: 45.1 pounds.

In my opinion, the best bicycle for heavy riders of 300 pounds and under.

With its understated solid matte black design —  it looks akin to any ‘normal’ two-wheeler you’d find on the road. There’s nothing that shouts out that it’s for the more substantial cyclist.

Perhaps its most significant feature is its comfort.

It includes a thickly-padded seat, which I’d suggest should reduce butt fatigue. Furthermore, this saddle is dual-sprung — meaning that it will take out heavy impacts from the road leading to a more pleasant riding experience.

Additionally, this extended capacity cycle features sweep-back handlebars. This encourages an upright riding position — reducing pressure on your lower back, shoulders and hands — promoting a more comfortable journey. And, the foot-forward location of the pedals minimizes the effort required to propel yourself forward.

If you’re one of those people who would struggle to swing their leg over a high-top bar — I’d say that this bike is ideal. With a step-thru frame — mounting and dismounting shouldn’t be a challenge.

I propose that this two-wheeler may appeal to those who like to go on extended rides or use the machine for commuting. Incorporating a rear-rack — it will carry work documents, panniers, and leisure essentials such as a water bottle or wet weather gear.

Safety is paramount in this bicycle — coming complete with front, rear, pedal and spoke reflectors. What’s more, a full chainguard will not only protect your clothing but also hopefully prevent snagging and, therefore, unplanned dismounts.

And should you meet a challenging incline — you may welcome the three-speed Shimano derailleur.

  • Suitable for riders up to 300 pounds.
  • Choice of three, seven and a 21-speed drivetrain.
  • Simple to use Nexus twist gear shifter.
  • 26.5-inch diameter wheels and 1.95-inch wide whitewall tires.
  • Respected manufacturer.
  • Padded handgrips to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Front caliper brake.
  • Promotes a comfortable upright riding posture.
  • Color-coded fenders to protect clothing in wet weather.
  • Incorporates a kick-stand for easy storage.
  • Rear-coaster brake may not suit riders familiar with linear-pull levers.
  • Lacks suspension, apart from the sprung seat.
  • Includes bottle mounts — but they’re too low to access easily.
Our Overview

Style: Elevated Capacity — Fat Bike.

Weight limit: 350 pounds.

Cycle weight: 52 pounds.

Okay — don’t call the political correctness police — the name refers to the tires!

For me, this is one of the best bikes for heavy riders with mass up to 350 pounds.

First and foremost, this cycle is strong. The high-tensile steel frame combined with impact-absorbing geometry means that this two-wheeler is incredibly durable. Whether you're on or off-road, you should have the confidence that this mighty bike will not fail.

But perhaps its most significant appeal for the larger rider is the behemoth-like fat tires. These heavily-treaded rubber shoes provide a four-inch-wide cushion on your rides. Not only will this provide immense traction and, therefore, stability — but they should act as shock absorbers to deliver a seriously smooth cycling experience.

Combining a somewhat heavy cycle (it weighs 52 pounds) with the mass of a larger rider can mean a lot of momentum. Happily, this fat bike includes front and rear disc brakes — these will, I propose, provide both reliable speed control and stoppability — even on severe declines.

Although a step-over as opposed to a step-thru — the top bar has a significant downward angle — that should increase the ease of mounting and dismounting. Furthermore, a threadless headset means that adjusting the height of the handlebars is both rapid and straightforward — enabling you to create the ideal riding posture for your height.

Handgrip-mounted twist shifters allow for simple switching of gears in the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain. Hence, if you live in an area with significant ground undulation — this should reduce your physical exertions.

  • Knobbly tires for increased traction on wet and muddy ground.
  • Lightweight alloy wheel rims to lower the overall cycle mass.
  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders up to 350 pounds.
  • Beach cruiser pedals for comfort.
  • Lifetime warranty on the cycle frame.
  • Includes mounts to attach a water bottle.
  • Incorporates pedal reflectors.
  • Massive four-inch-wide tires for stability and comfort.
  • 26-inch wheels.
  • Manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • One of the best bikes for overweight riders.
  • Available in light blue or navy blue.
  • The small and minimalist seat may prove uncomfortable — larger riders might consider replacing with a third-party saddle.
  • Lacks fenders — although it does include pre-drilled holes to retrofit.
Our Overview

Style: Trike.

Weight limit:300 pounds.

Cycle weight: 77 pounds.

Should you feel a little unstable on two wheels — or have never learned to ride a cycle — this could be one of the best bikes for heavy riders.

With three wheels — balance isn’t an issue. Whether you’re heading off to the grocery store, commuting to work or college, or just enjoying a cruise through the country — I’d suggest you’ll feel safe and secure in the saddle.

And, speaking of the seat, riders who find their butt-cheeks suffer from pain after cycling could welcome this cushioned saddle. It’s oversized, so it will not slice into your bottom like many sports types. Furthermore, incorporating two large under springs, it will reduce the impact on your rear.

Swept-back, almost chopper-like handlebars mean you can enjoy a particularly laid-back riding style — reducing strain on your lower spine. Additionally, the rubber handgrips have been designed by the manufacturer for a sure grip and increased comfort.

If you’re one of those cyclists who doesn’t want the hassle of numerous gears — or live in a relatively flat area — I’d say that the single-speed drivetrain will be ideal. Being low on derailleur components — this trike will require little maintenance.

As this is a substantial bike — I’m pleased to see that the manufacturer has utilized aluminum in the frame — thus enabling this larger cycle to be as lightweight as possible.

What’s more, I propose that this is a highly practical trike for town use. It comes complete with front and rear fenders to keep you clean and dry even on inclement weather days.

With a full chainguard, your pants or skirt shouldn’t become caught in the drivetrain. And, if you’re planning on using this cycle for your grocery trips — you may relish the large rear basket.

For safety, this cycle has twin rear and pedal reflectors. And, to provide reassuring control, it boasts both front and rear linear hand-pull brakes.

  • Choice of two colors.
  • One of the best bicycles for obese adults.
  • Suitable for riders from five-feet four-inches to six-feet two-inches.
  • Incorporates a basket with a 50-pound weight limit.
  • Front and rear fenders.
  • Easy to mount — low seat and step-thru frame.
  • The basket can fold flat when not in use.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Oversized seat.
  • May not suit longer-legged riders — knees may hit the low handlebars.
Our Overview

Style: Indoor Bike – Recumbent.

Weight limit: 400 pounds.

Cycle weight: 63.9 pounds.

It’s time to step things up a little.

Unless you go for a custom-made cycle (and with a hefty price tag to match) — it can be tough to find a bike for those prospective riders over 350 pounds.

Luckily, this is one of the best bikes for heavy riders who weigh up to 400 pounds.

Being an indoor cycle — it means you can pedal away to your heart’s content without having to leave the house.

This exercise bike has a massive and impressively-cushioned 14.6-inch seat — much larger than anything you would find on either a two-wheeler or a trike. This is in conjunction with an expansive backrest — meaning that you’ll be stable when on the machine and able to enjoy elevated comfort. And, for added security — this unit has side-mounted hand grips to ensure you can maintain your balance.

Whether an exercise enthusiast or complete newbie — I propose that this indoor cycle will suit. Featuring eight levels of magnetic tension control — you can increase or lower riding difficulty as you require.

An LCD screen delivers easy-to-read information such as calories burned, distance traveled, speed and pulse rate. Thus allowing you to set yourself those all-important targets before your workout.

If you lack space in your home — I suggest that you’ll be pleased to discover this cycle folds to half its fully-assembled size. In this compact state, it can stand upright — allowing you to either store in the corner of a room or place in a vacant closet.

  • Perhaps one of the best bikes for over 400 lbs riders.
  • Neutral color scheme.
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Oversized pedals with straps prevent foot slippage.
  • Steel frame for durability and strength.
  • Large seat and backrest.
  • Suitable for riders from five-feet two inches through to six-feet five inches.
  • Recumbent design enables easy mounting, dismounting, and cycling posture.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Transportation wheels for effortless relocation.
  • Choice of difficulty levels.
  • It can be difficult to read the LCD screen from a fully recumbent position.
Our Overview

Style: Elevated Capacity — Cruiser.

Weight limit: 300 pounds.

Cycle weight: 38 pounds.

There can be two downsides with the best bikes for heavy riders — firstly, they may be a little hard on the wallet — and secondly, practicality comes at the expense of aesthetics.

Neither is the case with this cycle.

This cruiser cycle oozes style — while also being budget-friendly. Looks-wise, it's the ideal beach-cruiser — incorporating driftwood-style chainguard and frame flashing. Furthermore, soft-grip cork handles and white-walled tires add an almost retro look to this unit.

However, it's not just about appearance.

With a 300-pound capacity — I suggest it will excite somewhat larger-than-typical riders. The manufacturer has located the oversized and cushioned saddle far back and lower than usually found on the frame. This delivers a laid-back riding posture to elevate comfort and allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

The frame is aluminum — providing lightweight yet stable geometry. This lowering of mass allows for additional included accessories — such as the rear rack, coffee cup holder, bottle opener and front (detachable) bag.

The key to this bike is simplicity — which might please the bigger cyclist who doesn’t want unnecessary knobs and buttons. Being single speed, there are no gears to become confused by. Furthermore, stopping and speed control is through a coaster brake — just pedal backward.

  • An option of a six-speed drivetrain.
  • Available in five colors.
  • Stylish — suitable for the more avant-garde cyclist.
  • Perfect Fit Frame Technology to promote a comfortable riding experience.
  • Sweep back handlebars for an upright posture.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders on a budget.
  • 10-year warranty on cycle frame.
  • Detachable cool bag and bottle opener.
  • Includes color-coded fenders.
  • Feet can be flat on the floor even while seated for stability.
  • With a 300-pound capacity, it’s not one of the best bikes for over 350 lbs people.
  • It can be a little challenging to assemble.
Our Overview

Style: Trike.

Weight limit: 300 pounds.

Cycle weight: 73 pounds.

This may be one of the best bikes for heavy riders for those who want a trike — yet are concerned that it's going to be too bulky for practical use.

This three-wheeler, hailing from the renowned Raleigh manufacturer, has all the stability of a traditional trike — but with a narrower footprint. Measuring just 28 inches at the rear — this machine will pass through standard exterior doors — thus allowing you to store in a shed or apartment.

Furthermore, this minimalist back axel means that navigating through traffic should be much simpler than on most other trikes.

A remarkably low step-thru frame makes mounting this bike no harder than taking a small footstep — thus, I would suggest being attractive for those people with restricted mobility.

Once on the trike — you're able to enjoy comfort. An expansive Raleigh Comfort Tractor saddle smooths out your rides through its substantial padding and twin springs. Furthermore, sweep-back handlebars will lower back, butt and hand strain — leading to pleasurable road excursions.

If you find that going uphill is a little punishing on your thighs — I suggest you’ll appreciate the three-speed Sturmey Archer drivetrain — operated by a twist-shift on the handgrips. Additionally, this trike features a front caliper brake with parking lock — useful if leaving your cycle on an incline.

This cycle incorporates a rear basket that can accommodate up to 45 pounds of weight. It may be a handy addition if you plan on using the trike for grocery store purchases — or as a picnic and refreshment holder for weekend leisure rides.

  • Steel frame for strength and durability.
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the trike frame.
  • Rear coaster brake for hands-free control.
  • Perhaps one of the bikes for heavy riders seeking a compact trike.
  • Available in three muted colors.
  • Includes full chainguard.
  • Complete with a front fender.
  • Remarkably narrow for a three-wheeled cycle.
  • 24-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear wheels.
  • Respected manufacturer.
  • Low-maintenance drivetrain — ideal for those with little mechanical knowledge.
  • Arrives partially assembled — depending on your experience, it may take between 30-120 minutes to complete.
  • At 73 pounds, it’s a heavy cycle.
  • Lacks rear fenders.
Our Overview

Style: Extended Capacity  — eBike.

Weight limit:  330 pounds.

Cycle weight: 50.7 pounds.

If you want to enjoy lengthy bike rides — but find your fitness levels don’t yet meet this desire — this cycle could be a sensible choice. With a 330-pound capacity, it makes it into my picks of the best bikes for heavy riders.

Being an e-Bike, you can merrily cycle along — and then switch to electric power should your energy levels begin to flag. In this mode, it will deliver distances of 15-30 miles (depending on terrain) and a maximum speed of 15 mph.

If you struggle to swing your leg to get in the saddle — you may appreciate the sloping top bar, which makes it less challenging — however, not as effortless as a step-thru machine.

Being a larger rider — the additional weight placed on many cycles can mean that your rides feel bumpy — with you taking the full force of every impact in the road through your hands and shoulders. Happily, this eBike incorporates front fork suspension, which will lower these joint-killers and contribute to an overall more comfortable journey.

The manufacturer has placed safety at the forefront of this cycle. As an electric machine — it's somewhat heavier than normal bikes — and hence requires more efficient stopping power. Therefore, I suggest that the inclusion of front and rear disc brakes are a welcome addition — providing greater efficiency and durability than caliper forms.

Furthermore, this bike comes complete with a front LED headlight and rear red tail light — allowing other road users to see you clearly.

  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders who struggle on lengthy rides.
  • Durable — carbon steel forks and aluminum handlebars.
  • 21-speed drivetrain.
  • Includes LED headlight.
  • Electric-powered horn to alert others of your presence.
  • You can charge the battery while on the frame or remove it for space-saving.
  • Brushless gear motors for a quiet ride.
  • Standard mountain bike 26-inch wheels.
  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders over 300 pounds.
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • Front fork shock absorbers.
  • Includes a kick-stand.
  • The sport-style seat may be uncomfortable for some cyclists.
  • It can take a long time to charge.
  • Assembly is a little challenging for those with no experience in cycles.
Our Overview

Style: Extended Capacity — Road Bike.

Weight limit: 330 pounds.

Cycle weight: 46.3 pounds.

Being a larger person doesn’t mean you have to just plod along on a hefty and ‘sensible’ cycle. This unit, with its road racing pedigree, is one of the best bikes for heavy riders who love to crank up the tempo.

This cycle is a thoroughbred road machine — but with the capacity to take up to 330 pounds in weight.

The dropped handlebars promote a more aerodynamic riding posture — allowing you to achieve greater velocity on the tarmac. And, should you become a little carried away and need to drop your speed — I suggest you may welcome the reliable front and rear disc brakes.

Tackling tough inclines, I propose, will be effortless due to the 21-speed drivetrain. Furthermore, the road bike standard 700c wheels combined with the semi-slick tires should deliver a smooth-rolling ride.

Staying hydrated is essential — hence it’s satisfying to see that this road machine includes frame mounts allowing you to attach a water bottle. Furthermore, parking is simple — just pull down the attached kickstand.

Style-wise, it's quite a striking machine. The black frame with color-coded rims adds a mean appearance — while the matching red flashes on the handlebars and tire walls enhance its overall aesthetic. That said, there's no hiding that this is a Eurobike — emphasized by the enormous decal on the cycle frame.

However — there are some downsides.

While this machine has the strength capacity to cope with the weight of more substantial riders — there’s little else to benefit the larger rider. The sports seat, dropped bars, horizontal top tube and hunched riding position may prove uncomfortable for many cyclists.

  • 700c racing tires.
  • Includes a kickstand.
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • 21-speed drivetrain.
  • Perhaps one of the best bikes for heavy riders who love speed.
  • Includes bottle mounts.
  • Dropped handlebars for an aerodynamic riding posture.
  • Distinctive styling.
  • All the tools you require for assembly are included in the purchase.
  • Lacking in features to make it comfortable for the heavier rider.
  • As a road machine — it doesn’t include fenders.
  • Being steel, it’s heavy for a road bike — but required for the weight capacity.
Our Overview

Style: Stationary Bike  — Recumbent.

Weight limit: 300 pounds.

Cycle weight: 61 pounds.

If you’d prefer to complete your cycling indoors — but don’t want to hammer your credit card — this machine may appeal.

While a function-packed indoor exercise bike — it’s remarkably budget-friendly — keeping your bank manager and your partner happy.

I suggest that this unit will allow you to ride in comfort. It incorporates an ergonomically designed seat complete with butt-fatigue eliminating high-density foam. Furthermore, located along the side of this saddle are foam-covered handles — enabling you to support yourself while pedaling, adding stability and confidence.

This stationary cycle also possesses a sizable back support — thus meaning you can ride in a fully recumbent position — exercising your legs while reducing stress on your lower spine.

Climbing onto the machine should be effortless — in fact, with its step-thru design, it will be no more strenuous than settling down into your favorite armchair.

This cycle boasts eight different resistance levels. Magnetic tension control knobs allow you to adjust the difficulty level — simulating cycling on a variety of terrains and enabling you to customize your training session according to your current fitness level.

Keeping track of your progress shouldn’t be a challenge. This indoor unit has a substantial LCD screen, providing information on riding time, velocity, distance covered, and calories burned. Furthermore, displayed in extra-large numbers — this may appeal to those riders who have less than perfect vision.

And, once you’ve finished your workout, you can simply tip the bike onto one end and then transport it out of the way for storage on its transport wheels.

  • Recumbent riding position for comfort.
  • Durable — 14-gauge steel-tubed frame with a powder-coated finish.
  • Pedals include straps to ensure your feet remain in the correct position.
  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders who are on a budget.
  • Sliding frame allows for riders of all leg lengths.
  • Comfort seat and side handlebars.
  • Extensive backrest.
  • Easy to mount — should be ideal for more senior users.
  • Tension control is a long distance from the seat — you may have to dismount to adjust.
  • It doesn’t fold into a small unit once assembled.
  • Even on the shortest setting — the seat may be too far away from the pedals for smaller-legged cyclists.
Our Overview

Style: Indoor Elliptical Cycle.

Weight limit: 500 pounds.

Machine weight: 207 pounds.

Ok, perhaps not strictly a bike — but this is the mother-of-all cycle-style fitness machines — with a massive 500-pound weight capacity.

It allows you not only to exercise your legs, and hit more muscles than the pure rotational motion of pedaling — but also to provide an upper-body workout with the arm levers. This, therefore, may appeal to the larger rider who is looking for a more all-over body training session.

Completely impact-free — I would suggest this is an ideal machine for the substantial person that finds outdoor cycling incurs pain in the joints when exercising. The ergonomically-designed seat molds around your rear — allowing for a comfortable seating position even on extended sessions.

Being step-thru — climbing onto the elliptical will not be a challenge. Furthermore, the high-rise location of the saddle means that you won’t strain or struggle to climb out of the seat.

As a self-powered unit — you don’t need to position it near an electrical outlet. That will give you greater versatility in locating the machine — avoiding potentially hazardous cables trailing across your living room floor.

Oversized pedals with velcro straps should ensure that your feet remain securely located through the full extent of your workouts. Additionally, the ergo-grip handles should both prevent slippage and lower the risk of hand fatigue.

A nine-inch color-coded display allows for simple operation and provides inspirational feedback on your performance. And, if a little tech-minded — you can export your complete workout to a smartphone or tablet through the USB connection.

  • Twelve-inch elliptical stride motion.
  • Provides an all-over body workout.
  • Multi-grip handles allow you to choose your hand position — not that determined by the manufacturer.
  • Large comfortable seat with contoured back support.
  • Built-in heart rate tracking.
  • One of the best bikes for heavy riders weighing up to 500 pounds.
  • Includes 18 workout programs.
  • Low-clearance walkthrough design for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Includes two drink holders to ensure you remain hydrated.
  • Measuring 48 inches by 32 inches by 44 inches, it’s a large unit.
  • Being heavy and not foldable — it could be difficult to relocate and store.
  • Battery for the LCD monitor is tricky and time-consuming to access.

bicycle 932007 640


Best Bikes for Heavy Riders Conclusion

Just because you don’t fit the stereotypical cycle rider ‘norm’ doesn’t mean you're excluded from this wonderful sport.

Being on two-wheels boosts your fitness, sheds the pounds, and allows you to spend quality activity time with your family. As long as you have legs — there’s a cycle for you — weight isn’t a barrier.

And, if you’re looking for the ultimate two-wheeler — for me, it has to be the sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

Its 300-pound capacity makes it suitable for the large majority of more substantial cyclists. Incorporating a dual-sprung thickly-padded seat, it should prevent butt fatigue — and the impressive sweep-back handlebars will deliver an upright and spine-saving riding posture.

Furthermore, getting on and off will not be an arduous task. The easy step-thru feature means mounting this cycle is no more difficult than taking a small pace forwards.

However, I would like to give a quick shoutout to some of the other standout machines. I appreciate the stability of the Schwinn Meridian Trike, the impact-absorbing tires of the Mongoose Fat Bike, and the 400-pound capacity of the Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR.

But, for the biggest and baddest of all the biking behemoths — it has to be the sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

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