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Biking isn’t only for the young, but an excellent way of staying in shape for people of all ages. It’s a healthy and cheap way of moving around and getting some fresh air.

If you’re looking for a bike to accompany you in retirement, you’ll have to find the right option for your needs.

Whether you prioritize stability, a comfortable seat or a certain riding position, I’ve got the option for you.

These are the best bikes for seniors in 2020:


Before I go into detail on these, let’s see if we can narrow down your choices with this guide:

What To Look for in a Bike for Seniors


Check out these factors to help you get the right bike for your needs:


Many seniors prefer an extra-wide seat that gives them more stability for their rides.

These types of comfort seats are usually also more padded, so they don’t feel so tough against your butt.


The seating position is important when looking for the best bikes for seniors, especially if you have back problems.

Road bikes and mountain bikes often have a riding position that’s tough on your back and neck. This leaned-forward posture may make you faster, but it’s not the best choice for comfort.

Instead, look for retro-style comfort bikes with an upright seating position.

Other good options are hybrid bikes, adult tricycles and beach cruisers. These types of bikes allow you to sit straight while you use the strength in your leg muscles to pedal forward.

Frame Type: Which Bikes Are Easiest To Ride?

Many seniors find it harder to use a typical crossbar-type frame because it requires quite a lot of joint movement to lift your leg that high. To avoid this, try a step-through frame, so you don’t risk losing your balance when mounting or dismounting.

Old-school upright-seated bikes, hybrid bikes and adult tricycles are also excellent options. Some seniors also prefer mountain bikes because of their thick being adaptable to different terrain types.


The handlebars should be at a comfortable height, and preferably thrown back a bit instead of straight. This will allow you to reach them comfortably without crouching.

Cruiser bikes are a good option if you want the handlebars as close as possible.


Sometimes senior cyclists need extra support on their rides. You may have lost some muscle mass, so you’ll need a bike that will keep you balanced. Others might need a bike for wheeling around groceries or personal items.

3-wheeled bikes are a great alternative in these cases. They keep you upright even if you’re hauling some cargo, with the weight distributed over two wheels in the back.

Trikes are also a good option for overweight seniors since you’ll have one more wheel to carry the load.

Frame Material

Common frame materials on the best bikes for seniors are steel and aluminum. Both are good, but for different situations:


Steel frames tend to be heavy to pedal, but they’re also tough and stable, so don’t break easily. Steel can bend, but you’ll usually be able to notice it in advance and even fix it if needed.

Even so, note that steel rusts, so you’ll have to take good care of your steel-framed bike and keep it under cover from the elements whenever possible.


Aluminum is cheaper than steel and also lighter, which can help a senior maneuver the bike with more ease.

The problem with aluminum can be its durability. Even though aluminum doesn’t rust as easily as steel, it's more likely to deteriorate, especially under a higher load. That’s why it’s not the top frame material for heavier seniors.


If you need some extra help to rehabilitate your leg muscles, an e-bike can be the right choice.

You can use them as a bike by turning the battery off and let the battery assist you when needed.

Electric bikes are also a great help for those who live in places with inclines. An e-bike battery will get you up a steep hill when gears just aren’t enough.

Using an electric bike takes some initial learning, so it’s best to practice on a quiet street before taking it out into the traffic. In addition, an electric bike moves fast, so it can be unsafe if you’re not good at handling the speed.


Buying a bike online likely means it will arrive unassembled. If you’re not sure how to put it together, the best choice is to go to a bike shop and let the pros do it for a small fee. It’s not only easier but also better for your safety.

Is Biking Good for Seniors?


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Yes, biking is excellent for seniors. It’s a good form of exercise and getting around, and it’s easier on your joints than walking. Biking can help you get the necessary exercise to maintain overall health and work the muscles on your legs, as well as maintaining cognitive function.


Reviews of the Best Bikes for Seniors


Our Overview

This 7-speed beach cruiser comes with cushioned, 2⅛-inch-wide tires that give you lots of stability, cushioning and a nice retro look.

It has an upright riding position and comfortable foam grips. Also, the pedals are low for extra balance, and the frame is steel, which can take a higher body weight and absorb impact.

The gears are high-quality Shimano gears, and the bike has easy-to-reach front and bank hand brakes. As for the seat, it’s extra-cushioned and has double springs in the bottom for extra comfort.

This bike is of great quality overall, is easy to assemble and comes with the necessary accessories. It has a basket on the front for your personal items but doesn’t include a rack at the back. You can buy one separately if you need to carry more cargo.

Note that the frame’s upper bar is curved and quite high, so it may not be the best bike option for those with mobility issues. Otherwise, the 26-inch model’s sizing is for people between 5 feet and 6 feet 4 inches tall. The bike does come in a 24-inch model for shorter seniors, as well.

  • Comfortable foam handlebars.
  • Double-spring cushioned saddle.
  • Wide tires that absorb impact well.
  • Assembly is relatively easy.
  • The upper bar is quite high.
Our Overview

This hybrid bike combines the step-through frame for those with low mobility with some great mountain bike features.

The frame is steel, so it’s a little heavy, but it’s a 21-speed bike, so you’ll be able to pedal without lots of effort.

It also has a suspension fork to absorb impact, making your rides more comfortable on your wrists.

The gears have quality Shimano components, and the bike has slightly swept-back handlebars and an ergonomic, upright riding position. Also, there’s a rack in the back for storage and fenders on both sides to keep you clean, even in the rain.

As for the riding comfort, the seat is double-spring, wide and cushioned for extra comfort.

The wheel size is 29 inches, which can seem quite big. Thanks to the lower frame and adjustable seat post, though, you can still use this bike if you’re more petite.

  • High-quality components.
  • Suspension fork to absorb impact.
  • Low frame.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Can be heavy to pedal.
Our Overview

Huffy Bikes offers this 6-speed 26-inch beach cruiser with a lightweight, aluminum step-through frame. It’s also designed for a minimum height of about 5 feet.

Note that the front and back handbrakes are soft, and the handlebars are contoured for easy comfort. The gear shifter is also on the handlebars, so you only need to twist them to shift instead of looking for the shifter.

The smart accessories are one of the best parts of this bike. It comes with a rack in the back and a basket at the front for carrying your personal items.

The bike also comes with a beverage holder, so you won’t have to buy one separately, and a bottle opener attached to the fork. Assembling all these bells and whistles does take some extra work, so prepare to spend some time on it.

The aluminum frame makes this bike cheaper, so this option is also great for those not looking to splurge.

  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Excellent accessories.
  • Twisting gear shifter on the handlebars.
  • The seat could be more comfortable.
  • Assembling all the accessories is tricky.
Our Overview

For those older adults who need extra help for balance, an adult tricycle can be an ideal choice. Whether you’ve lost muscle tone, have a higher body weight or haul groceries, the two wheels in the back will distribute the weight.

Schwinn’s Meridian is a quality choice for adults who prioritize balance and great for carrying cargo. It’s a full-sized adult trike that comes for both men and women and in multiple options from single-speed up to 7-speed. It also has a wide basket in the back for your personal items.

The frame is aluminum, which means this three-wheeler is light to pedal. It’s also a good option for humid climates because it won’t rust as easily as steel. Aluminum isn’t as durable under a big load as steel, but the design helps you disperse your weight evenly.

It’s not the best model if you want to move around fast or if you need to maneuver your three wheels on uneven surfaces. Instead, it’s better suited for moving around the city and running errands on paved streets. It also has a bit of a learning curve to steer, since you won’t have to lean to the side like on a normal bike.

  • Three wheels for balance.
  • Wide basket in the back.
  • Extra-low bar.
  • Affordable.
  • Not fast or ideal for uneven terrain.
  • The seat isn’t very cushioned.
Our Overview

For the seniors who live near lots of hills or those with lost muscle mass, this Nakto e-bike could be ideal.

This 6-speed one has a battery you can rely on or use to assist you on tough inclines. It has a maximum speed of between 25 and 30 miles per hour, which is super fast!

As far as accessories go, it comes complete with a horn, a basket and an LED headlight for riding in traffic or at night.

The bike comes 95% assembled, so unlike many other online bikes, this requires relatively little work on your part. However, taking it apart is an issue. If you need to patch up a flat tire, the rear wheel is very tricky to get out.

Overall, this bike is a good alternative for those older adults who have more trouble moving around. It also has a very good price point for an e-bike, and the build is pretty strong compared to cost.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Battery to help older adults with less leg strength.
  • Includes a horn, headlight and basket.
  • Affordable for an electric bike.
  • It’s hard to get the rear tire off to fix a flat.
  • The seat isn’t very comfortable.

designecologist bSVQzLryxtY unsplash 1

The Winner


My top pick among the best bikes for seniors for women is the Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Beach Cruiser.

It’s a sturdy bike with a comfortable saddle and soft handlebars, together with an upright riding position that’s easy on your back. You’ll be able to keep your balance on the seat, and the wide tires make your rides softer.

For men, the 21-speed Schwinn Discover Unisex Hybrid Bike is an excellent choice. It has a wide seat, a strong steel frame and a suspension fork to make riding a bike easier on your joints.


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