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Nothing kills motivation more than feeling cold — your hands are one of the first places to be affected. Cycling gloves are the solution. However, their purpose goes beyond keeping your extremities warm.

Whether you’re hitting the beach on your cruiser in the height of summer or plowing through the snow on your fat bike mid-winter — they’re a cycling accessory must-have.

Here are my choices for the best cycling gloves:


Do Cycling Gloves Make a Difference?


There are three ways gloves can improve your riding experience:

Comfort Factor

If you’re one of those people who enjoys being out on the bike all day, wearing cycling gloves should alleviate hand ache — making your ride more comfortable.

Holding the handlebars for long periods can cause pressure points and even numbness — some soft padding between you and the bike can help.

Better Control

Gloves can also prevent your palms from becoming slippery if you sweat or get soaked from wet conditions — providing extra grip to help you control your bike better.

Extra Protection

An obvious one — during winter, they should keep you warm and protected from the weather. It’s hard to ride comfortably when your fingers are frozen!

Lastly, in the unfortunate event you fall off your bike, gloves offer a barrier between your palms and the tarmac or trail.

Why Do Bikers Wear Fingerless Gloves?

I love fingerless mitts for summer. They allow your digits room to get rid of heat — while still providing the benefits above. Staying cool on a bike is essential — overheating can lead to adverse effects on health, as well as impact on cycling performance.

best cycling gloves

What Should I Look for in Cycling Gloves?

Here are a few factors to think about when purchasing a pair of cycling gloves:


Cushioning between your palm and the handlebars can benefit those into distance, or navigating bumpy terrain. Some gloves for cycling use gel inserts, and others use foam, but they’re both quite effective.

Full-Finger vs Fingerless

There are two main glove types — fingerless (mitts) or full-finger (long). What you decide upon does depend on the time of year and whether you ride mainly on or off-road. Make sure you can still brake and change gears comfortably if you choose long-fingers.

Winter/Summer Features

A summer road cycling glove favors a short-finger style, with a breathable and lightweight design. Waterproofing isn’t a priority, but they should be made of quick-drying material.

Winter gloves should be windproof, waterproof and weatherproof. Sufficient insulation is also a requirement — to protect fingers from the cold.


Regardless of the type you choose, your gloves should — fit like a glove. You want them to be finger-hugging yet without being overly tight. Too big, and they will feel bulky and awkward, and too small will hinder hand mobility and cause discomfort.

What are The Best Cycling Gloves?

Best Cycling Gloves 3Best Cycling Gloves 4
Our Overview

These are your classic fingerless mitts for men. They’re made from a mix of polyester, mesh, and lycra, which offers ventilation and shouldn’t restrict movement.

With gel pads fitted in the palm, I feel they will provide sufficient shock-absorbing abilities. They’re also non-slip, which could appeal to those seeking better grip.

I think the easy-on/off tabs are a nice touch, allowing easy removal after a long ride. Lastly, in my opinion, the terry cloth fingers are super-handy for wiping your brow or those boogers away.

  • 5mm gel padding.
  • Silicone covering provides a better grip.
  • Some may find the padding too much for them.
Our Overview

These female-specific bike gloves feature gel pads, which might be a good choice for ladies suffering grip pressure build-up. The synthetic leather palm should offer durability without feeling harsh on the hands.

With a mesh upper, I would suggest your hands shouldn’t overheat in warmer conditions. They also sport an easy hook-and-loop cuff, which means you can adjust how tight you want it around your wrist.

With five colors to choose from, finding a shade to match your theme could be achievable.

  • Offers petite hands protection without bulkiness.
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Sizes run small — go one up.
Our Overview

When it’s too cold for a short-finger cycling glove, yet too warm for extreme winter gear, I feel these full-finger bike gloves could fit the bill. Made of lightweight layered Thermal Lite fabric, they also double up as a liner for when it's really chilly.

Silicone patches on the upper palm and fingers should reinforce grip, and they possess reflective logos for added safety.

Unfortunately, these bike gloves may get soaked through in the rain and won’t work with a touchscreen phone.

  • Machine washable.
  • Silicone screened fingertips.
  • Some light padding would be an improvement.
Our Overview

Kids should learn the joys of cycling too, and I love these cycle gloves for little hands! They’re available in eight cute designs and four size options from one to 8 years old.

These gloves are padded and soft, with wide openings and finger loops — kiddies should be able to take them off with minimal interference from mom or dad.

I think moms (and dads) will also be grateful to hear that they’re machine washable — helpful when out and about with kids!

Although these are soft, they should provide extra grip to help your child keep control of their bike — while protecting their delicate little hands if they fall.

  • Machine washable.
  • Can be used for other sports too.
  • Gloves are quite soft — may not be suitable for games such as monkey bars.
Our Overview

I feel these could be ideal for those people who are looking for a pair of gloves that don’t cost the earth.

The lycra and mesh construction should make them stretchy enough for a comfortable fit — as well as breathable. The underside includes padding and an anti-slip gripper.

I have to say, even at an affordable price, they contain the nice-to-have features like a towel cloth thumb for wiping away perspiration and finger loops to save you wrestling them off after a ride.

  • Value for money gloves.
  • Great for mountain biking and road biking.
  • Padding may not be as thick as others.

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My top picks for the best cycling gloves are the INBIKE Cycling Gloves for men and the Pearl iZUMi Women's Select Glove for women.

I feel they provide plenty of cushioning to hinder hand pain and offer breathability — keeping your digits cool and comfortable. Handy for a day out on the road or a quick trip to the store!

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