Best Hybrid Bikes for Men Under 500

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Looking for the best bike to take you to work or on a weekend ride outside the city? A hybrid will have the versatility you’re looking for, and you won’t have to splurge on more than one bike.

The best hybrid bikes under 500 combine the best features of road and mountain bikes to prepare you for every scenario. We wanted to give you the best hybrid bikes on the market, but still keep them within a reasonable price range for those on a budget.

If you’re in a hurry, these are the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars.


Best Hybrid Bikes for Men

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes, often called street bikes, combine characteristics of mountain bikes and road bikes to make them adaptable to every situation. Hybrid bikes are fun and useful as everyday bikes in the city, for commuting on the pavement as well as weekend biking in nature. 

This makes hybrid bikes an ideal choice for a new or casual cyclist.

Types of Hybrid Bikes

Not all of these bikes under 500 are the same. There are a couple of different types of the best hybrid bikes that are ideal for varying purposes. Some of the best hybrid bikes are closer to road bikes, others resemble mountain bikes. 

Commuter Hybrid Bike

Commuter bikes are a specific type of hybrid bike made for your everyday jaunt. They’re light and fast to ride long distances, but more stable than a road bike because the tires are usually wider and the frames are designed for comfort rather than aerodynamics.

Some manufacturers make their commuters with a flat bar, others with a drop handlebar like those on a road bike.

Comfort Hybrid Bike

The seat of a comfort hybrid bike is slightly lower than on a commuter, and the saddle is wider and more padded. The handlebar of this type of hybrid bike is usually a riser model, which helps maintain your torso upright. 

The Schwinn Discover is a good example of a classic comfort hybrid bike.

City Hybrid Bike

City hybrid bikes resemble a mountain bike, but lighter and with a smaller wheel size. This type of hybrid bike is usually strong and easy to maneuver, and it can handle most street hazards well. 

Some of these street bikes also have suspension forks to make biking easier on your upper body. Others include a riser handlebar or a flat bar.


When you’re buying a budget hybrid bike, you may have to settle for something that’s not top grade all around. The key is to pick a hybrid bike with a good frame. 

If some of the smaller parts of the bike, like pedals or saddle are not top quality, they’ll be cheap to switch. The frame, however, is the soul of your hybrid bike and will have a big impact on your riding comfort and the overall durability.

When you’re looking for the best hybrid bikes under 500, you’ll mostly find hybrid bikes with an aluminum frame. This frame material tends to be much cheaper than carbon fiber or steel, and it has the perk of being corrosion-resistant and lightweight. 

Sometimes, you’ll find a steel hybrid bike for a good price. This frame material is great for its strength, but it’s heavier to pedal.

Gears and Brakes

With gears, shifters and brakes, you can usually find a hybrid bike in this price range that has long-lasting parts from a big name brand such as Shimano. Making sure the key components are good quality means you’ll likely spend less money later fixing or replacing them.

Think about what you need from your hybrid bike and where you’re going to be using it. If you’ll face lots of hills and uneven terrain on your commute, you’ll be more efficient with a 21-speed hybrid bike.

Also note that your rim brakes may not last as long as mechanical disc brakes, while the latter is more expensive to fix.


If you buy a hybrid bike online, the assembly takes a little while. You’ll need to make some small adjustments on the wheels, gears and brakes. If you’re not sure, check out our full guides to assembling or fixing your bike!

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Reviews of the Top Hybrid Bikes Under 500

These are the best hybrid bikes under 500 on the market right now, from sleek commuters to light all-terrain bikes.

Our Overview

Huffy Bikes is a historic bike brand that’s been around for over a century.

This model is a great option for those looking for hybrid bikes that work on city streets during the week and also off-road use on the weekend. The design offers near-universal usability for the everyday cyclist.

The bike has 21- speed Shimano TZ-31 gears that are good quality, and the easy-to-use Shimano twister shifter is on the flat bar.

The seat is padded, and the slight-rise handlebar gives the hybrid bike more of a city feel. They also cause a lot less strain on your back than a full road or mountain bike model with lower handlebars.

On the negative side, the seat of this hybrid bike is hard and uncomfortable for many users. Still, even if you buy a replacement you probably won’t find another hybrid bike of this quality at such a low price.


  • Affordable.
  • Durable, trusted brand.
  • Quality 21-speed Shimano gears. 
  • Suspension fork to reduce vibration.
  • Tough steel frame.


  • The seat is uncomfortable.

Our Overview

The next men's hybrid bike on our list is more of a commuter, with a drop handlebar, an aluminum frame and slim tires. It’s still sturdy enough to manage a pothole or cracked pavement, but this hybrid bike is ideal for well-maintained streets.

The seat post is high, so the riding position resembles that of a road bike. The rear derailleur is Shimano Tourney, and the shifters are Shimano as well. They’re the low end of the price range for Shimano groupsets, but generally of good quality.

One key feature is the quick-release lever on the saddle and the wheels, which makes fixing and transporting the hybrid bike easier.

Overall, this is a good performance hybrid bike for beginning cyclists who value speed and are interested in gradually moving toward road biking. 

For a commuter hybrid bike, this model does lack one key feature, the possibility to attach a rear rack for your gear. It doesn’t even include the setup if you want to purchase one separately. 


  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Fast for commuting or a beginner road bike.
  • Quality 21-speed Shimano gears and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur.
  • Release levers on seat and wheels.


  • No rear rack set up.

Our Overview

If you’re looking to invest a bit more in your commuter hybrid bike, this model from Goplus is a good alternative.

It’s a 21-speed hybrid bike with an aluminum frame, a drop handlebar and a road bike look, complete with narrow wheels. The gears and shifters are Shimano, as is the front and rear derailleur.

It has a smooth and responsive riding experience. You can achieve and maintain a nice speed on pavement thanks to the light aluminum frame and low rolling resistance.

This men's hybrid bike also looks great, and will undoubtedly catch some looks when shuffling through morning traffic.

What could be improved on this hybrid bike, especially when riding long distance, is the rock-hard saddle and some other minor parts, such as the pedals.


  • Fast, light aluminum frame.
  • Smooth and responsive.
  • Eye-catching road bike look.
  • Quick-release wheels.


  • The seat is uncomfortable.

Our Overview

This easy-to-ride hybrid bike is sold as a mountain bike, but it has several characteristics of hybrids that give it a spot on our list.

The tires have a subtler tread and lower rolling resistance than mountain bike tires, which makes them a faster and better fit for road biking. Still, they’ll be able to handle light off-road rides on the weekend.

The hybrid bike comes with Shimano EZ Fire shifters, derailleurs and linear pull brakes. It also has a front suspension fork, which is key in an aluminum alloy frame. This reduces the vibration and bumps that might otherwise transfer to your back.

This model is not as heavy as a traditional mountain bike would be. The riser handlebar is comfortable to grip and the riding position is upright and spine-friendly for beginning cyclists. The wheel size is 27.5 inches, ideal for tall men.


  • Handles off-road use.
  • Upright riding position.
  • Suspension fork for reduced vibration.


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand.

Our Overview

Schwinn is a top-class bike brand that makes some excellent hybrid bikes.

This 21-speed hybrid bike is a great example of a hybrid bike that works seamlessly as a commuter or a fitness bike on the weekends. The tires are thick and won’t break easily if you hit a pothole or curb on your way to work.

This men’s hybrid bike is versatile and comfortable to ride on the pavement, as well as biking on some light gravel. It has a flat bar like a mountain bike, and disc brakes for stopping power.

Schwinn hybrid bikes also include a Smooth Ride technology on the seat post to absorb some of the vibration when biking.

Like other hybrid bike models on our list, this bike doesn’t come with fenders or a rack, but it does include the mounts for you to customize your ride. 


  • Shock-absorbing technology on the seat post.
  • Comes with mounts for fenders and rear rack.
  • Powerful disc brakes.


  • The pedals could be improved.

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The Winner

The winner of our review of the best hybrid bikes under 500 is the Huffy Stone Mountain.

The important parts of this men s hybrid bike, like derailleurs and shifters, are quality Shimano components. The bike is comfortable to ride on pavement and off-road, and the front suspension fork reduces fatigue in your arms and back.

And the best part, it’s a very affordable purchase, especially for a steel-frame hybrid bike. This material is tough, and it’s likely this hybrid bike under 500 will last you a long time. 

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