Best Two Stroke Oil for Dirt Bikes

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Dirt bikes, especially two-cycle engines, require a lot of care and frequent oil changes. They’re fast and small engines have a lot of power, but you’ll need to find the right oil to keep them running optimally.

If you need more information on the top oil for two-stroke dirt bikes, look no further.

We’ve compiled the best oils you can find today. We also included a handy guide, so you’ll know what to pay attention to before buying.


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The Importance of Oil in a Two-Stroke Dirt Bike


A dirt bike labeled as “two-stroke” means that the engine piston only uses two movements to complete the engine’s full cycle and generate power. A four-stroke engine requires four different motions, which makes it a more complex machine.

Two-stroke engines accelerate faster and are more unstable than four-stroke engines. They’re also cheaper and easier to clean, but produce more emissions.

A two-stroke engine is also simple and lightweight, but it does require a bit more maintenance than a four-stroke bike.

This is where getting the right oil comes in.

Whenever there are moving parts in a motor, friction occurs. As temperatures increase while the engine is in use, the friction is more likely to harm the engine.

Motor oil lubricates, reduces friction and smoothes out movement. Because of this, it cools down the engine, keeping it cleaner and protecting it in the long run.

Remember that dirt bikes aren’t cars. With a small two-stroke engine, motor oil will burn up faster in the combustion chamber. You’ll need to change it more regularly to prevent friction harming your engine, far more often than with a car.


What Kind of Oil Do You Put in a 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?


Most two-stroke oils are either injector-safe or pre-mix, which means you’ll have to mix it with fuel.

Two-stroke dirt bike oil is different from the motor oil you’d use on a four-stroke bike, so don’t even think about using the same oil.

Also, remember that having the correct ratio is relevant, so check what your bike needs. While too much oil will likely make you lose power and make your bike produce more smoke, too little can ruin your engine.

You can also use many two-stroke oils on other types of engines, like chainsaws, leaf blowers or other garden tools. Likewise, many two-stroke oils for your power tools are fine for a dirt bike, but you’ll get the best results from a specialized oil.

Synthetic vs. Mineral Oil

Synthetic oils aren’t derived from petroleum and can sometimes be more effective at reducing wear on your motor. This will naturally give you more mileage. They can also often have a cleaner burn but are more expensive due to the complex manufacturing processes.

Mineral oils are usually not as effective and long-lasting, but they’re cheaper. Many options for the best two stroke oil for dirt bikes are mixes of the two.


How Often Should You Change Oil on a 2-Stroke Dirt Bike?


You should change the oil on a 2-stroke dirt bike about every five to six riding hours, although sometimes this can extend to 10 hours.

If you ride hard or fast, change the oil more often—about once every three hours of riding.

When you start changing the oil on your bike often, you’ll evaluate the frequency by yourself. If the oil is still very clear when you drain it, you can probably stretch it a little more next time. If it’s dark and very muddy, you’ve left it too long, so keep this in mind in future.

Remember that changing the oil often will make your engine run better, faster and smoother. It’ll also keep it in good condition for longer, so if you value your bike, remember to change the oil often.

Also, when you leave your dirt bike stored in the garage over winter, change the oil beforehand. If you don’t, the sediment mixed with the used oil will settle in the bottom of the tank and can give you problems in the long run.


How to Change the Oil of Your Two-Stroke Dirt Bike


Not familiar with the oil-changing process yet? Knowing how to do it yourself is key for any dirt bike rider, but fortunately, it’s quite easy:

1. Get the Proportions Right

First, if you’re using a pre-mixed oil, make sure you’ve got the right proportions for your bike. The information should be on the bottle.

2. Warm the Oil

Run the engine for a couple of minutes to warm it up, but not so long that it will be too hot to touch.

Warming up the motor will make the oil flow out easier, and you’ll get out all the possible sediment, as well.

3. Drain the Oil

Next, you have to drain the oil.

  1. Place a drain pan on the floor.
  2. Remove the plug at the bottom of your bike’s engine. Watch out, or the oil will start flowing out all over your hands.
  3. Depending on your bike, you may have to tilt it to get every last bit of oil out of the tank. If the bike’s too heavy, get someone to help you.
  4. Once drained into the pain, replace the drain plug before you pour new oil in, or you’re in for a surprise.

4. Watch the Oil

Watch the oil as it drains out to see if you need to change it more or less frequently the next time.

It will likely be dark, and even muddy, but you can probably space out the oil changes if it’s transparent.

However, if you have metal particles coming out with the oil, you may need a more thorough checkup of your bike.

5. Pour in the Oil

  1. Depending on your bike, mix your oil with fuel, or measure the amount you’ll need. Always use a measuring cup to get the right proportions.
  2. Remove the upper plug in the tank and pour in the oil.
  3. Put the plug back in, and you’re done!

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The Best Oils for Your Two-Stroke Dirt Bike


Our Overview

Maxima is one of the top brands in the racing industry, so it’s no surprise that the Maxima Castor 927 is the top choice in two-stroke oils for dirt bikes for many pros.

This is a top-quality oil that will improve your riding and help you extend your ride’s life. The oil gives your engine long-lasting lubrication and protection, even at high temperatures.

It reduces engine corrosion and keeps the valve running cleanly and efficiently. This option works best as a pre-mix oil, and you can mix it with both leaded and unleaded fuels to keep two-stroke engines running well for years.

The Maxima Castor 927 also reduces buildup, is biodegradable and smells great, making it a user favorite.

It’s hard to find something to criticize in a product this well-loved among riders, but this oil does have a higher price than many others. If you have a limited budget, check out the Lucas Oil option further below.

  • Made for pro racers.
  • Keeps your cylinders clean for longer.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Burns very clean with low residue.
  • Great smell.
  • High price point.
Our Overview

Best Two Stroke Oil for Dirt Bikes 21Another top seller in the two-cycle motor category, the Red Line 2-Stroke Racing Oil is a synthetic oil that leaves very little residue. It gives you more power while preventing deposits and dirt from forming in your engine.

It’s also a very high-quality oil with a long-lasting, high lubrication and works well as a pre-mix or in an injection system.

It’s not the best option for a completely new engine, though. But, if your bike is already broken in, this oil is a great way to go. If you have a new bike, run a mineral oil through it a couple of times and switch to this option.

  • Burns very clean with little residue.
  • Low smoke.
  • Great lubrication.
  • Works both as a pre-mix and on injection motors.
  • Not the best for new engines.
Our Overview

The Motul 800 2T is made for high-performance motorcycle engines, but you can use this oil on any two-stroke engine. This one is best for offroad use, so it’s perfect for a dirt bike.

The oil is 100 percent synthetic, which helps prevent carbon deposits from sticking to your piston rings. It also burns very clean, with little emissions and residue, which helps your breathing and doesn’t burn your eye.

You can use this oil mixed with both normal and non-lead fuels. Depending on your bike, it will likely require a very low ratio, saving you money.

It’s great as a pre-mix with fuel up to 124 octanes, but it’s not intended for oil-injector systems.

  • Burns clean, with no residue.
  • Low exhaust, easier on your eyes and breathing.
  • Made especially for off-road 2-stroke bikes.
  • Works well on a low ratio.
  • Pricey.
  • Only for pre-mix use, not for oil injector systems.
Our Overview

The Royal Purple HP 2-C is a two-cycle oil you can use both as a pre-mix solution or in an oil-injection engine. It includes a mix of synthetic oils and Royal Purple’s Synerlec technology, which increases film strength. This improves the protection it gives your motor.

This one’s a top-quality oil that works for your dirt bike and other two-stroke engines, from snowmobiles to boats to chainsaws. It’s great for reducing wear on your motor, keeps it clean and is perfect for serious racing use.

If you use too much of this oil, you might notice quite a lot of smell. With the right proportions, though, you shouldn’t have problems. It also isn’t the best option for use in temperatures lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Amazing lubrication.
  • Great for fast riders and racing.
  • Versatile.
  • Works as a pre-mix and on injection systems.
  • Can smell and run dirty if you use too much.
Our Overview

This oil comes from American company Lucas Oil, which is a well-known brand that’s widely used oil on dirt bikes.

It has a blend of mineral and synthetic smoke-free and low ash oil. It’s also protective against corrosion and doesn’t leave deposits.

This oil mixes well with gas at all temperatures and keeps the smoke low. It has a full burn, which means emissions are low, and you get more power out of your engine.

Quality two-stroke oils tend to be expensive, but while this one isn’t exactly cheap, it doesn’t break the bank. It also works well both on oil injection systems and engines that require a pre-mix.

However, we only recommend this oil for two-stroke dirt bikes. While most oils work well on other motors, this one can cause some clogging if you decide to use it on your outdoor tools.

  • Affordable.
  • For pre-mix and injection use.
  • Low smoke, low emissions.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion.
  • Not the best for tools and other machines.

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The Winner

For us, the best two stroke oil for dirt bikes is the Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil. It lubricates well and keeps your engine running clean without residue. It’s also biodegradable, which is an important detail for eco-conscious riders.

On top of this, you can use it with both leaded and unleaded fuels and as a pre-mix and injection oil. This oil was made for racers, so it’s great for fast riders who want long-lasting protection for their bikes.

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