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Cycling is a more versatile sport than most realize. It has great physical benefits, but there’s also something for everyone — whether you enjoy competitive riding, freestyling, or a relaxed weekend ride.

If you like to hit the trail, an electric mountain bike could be your latest gadget!

Here are my choices for the best e-mountain bike:


What are Electric Mountain Bikes?

E-bikes are regular bicycles with a twist — they feature a battery-powered motor. When you pedal, it engages, delivering a power boost. Something that you won’t find on standard cycles.

When your speed reaches around 15mph (some go up to 20mph), the motor stops assisting. So you’ll still get your muscles working — these aren’t two-wheelers for the lazy rider!

Should I Get an Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes have their fans and those who still aren’t convinced. If you’re someone sitting on the fence, I’ve put together the pros and cons of electric mountain bikes vs regular mountain bikes below.

Take a read through and see if it helps you decide whether this high-tech ride would be suitable for you:

Some advantages to electric mountain bikes include:

  • Pedal-assist offers more power for those monster climbs.
  • Studies suggest that you’ll get out on the road more often.
  • There are e-bikes for every type of cycling.
  • Batteries can last for 30 to 100 miles.
  • You’re still getting a workout — the motor stops assisting once you reach a certain speed.

There are a few disadvantages, though, such as:

  • They’re heavier than regular mountain bikes.
  • The price of e-bikes is much higher than the standard version.
  • You’ll burn fewer calories than on regular bikes.
  • Some MTB trails won’t allow them (yet!).

If you’re considering an e-bike, check your local rules and regulations. Some regions require a license, and others implement strict speed, helmet use, and operation rules.

electric mountain bike


How Much is a Electric Mountain Bike?

When talking about the price of e-bikes, you need to take into consideration the biggest factors — the motor and the battery. What’s more, they’re relatively new to the cycling scene.

But the good news is, popularity is increasing. Hence, the price you pay for motor power is decreasing. As you’ll see, my research has uncovered a wide variety of options that cover most budgets.

tower electric bikes UYS3KkaSVWE unsplash 1


What is the Best Electric Mountain Bike?

If you’re looking into mountain bikes electric style, here are my top choices.


Best Electric Mountain Bike 3Best Electric Mountain Bike 4
Our Overview

In my opinion, this is my first pick when it comes to electric mountain biking. It’s suitable for commuting, casual cruising, as well as hitting the trail.

The aluminum frame is lightweight but supplemented with a carbon steel fork, so you can attack those bumps without any worries.

The 500W motor has three modes. Pick normal mode for light assistance but more muscle; Assisted mode for a middle-of-the-range push; and Electric for a fully assisted cycle.

The LCD screen is a nice touch, and it’s great to be able to eyeball your stats on the go. One safety feature that’s worth a mention, the bicycle has a Power-Off brake level, which will cut the motor once pressed.

As for standard bike specs — the hydraulic disc brakes should keep you in control on those descents, and riders seeking a less bumpy ride may appreciate the suspension and fat, extra-grippy tires.

  • 35mph high speed.
  • 500W power motor.
  • Waterproof LCD screen.
  • Front decompression device.
  • Premium price tag.
Our Overview

If you’re new to e-biking or looking for something with the pedal-assisted features but at a price that doesn’t increase your blood pressure — this could appeal. It’s my choice for the best budget bicycle.

The 26-inch Orange Sunshine model has a 350W motor, and its 36V battery will power you to 20mph. A 21-gear shifter should make both hills and rough terrain easier to navigate. It takes just 4 to 6 hours to charge and lasts around 30 miles on pedal-assist mode.

The LED, tri-speed button makes it easy to switch modes — if you’re feeling strong, you can go with Normal bike; for a little help on those hills, choose Assisted bike, and for a real power boost, Ebike mode is best.

The Orange Sunshine is just one of three models to choose from. The Blue Spark has upgraded features, including 24-speed gears and 5-speed modes instead of 3.

The Hummer sports a slightly more powerful 500W engine, so I would suggest it for those who like a bit more power. The Hummer can ride an extra 8 miles on a full charge, which takes the same time to achieve.



  • Two motor options — 350W or 500W power motor.
  • Top speeds of 20 to 22 mph.
  • Choice of modes — e-bike, assisted, or regular.
  • Battery and motor are water-resistant.
  • Aluminum frame and fork.
  • Suspension could be improved for better shock absorption on a mountain trail.
Best Electric Mountain Bike 5Best Electric Mountain Bike 6
Our Overview

Looking at this cycle, it’s hard to tell it’s battery-powered! The battery compartment is integrated into the frame, and it’s lockable, so it should be secure while you’re out.

The 36V battery and 350W motor are on-par with others, and you can get a full charge in just 4 hours. The powerful “engine” coupled with a Shimano 21-speed gear and derailleur system helps push you uphill smoothly or when tackling rougher terrain.

The bike has some nice safety features — front and back disc brakes with a braking distance of fewer than 10 feet in any weather, and an LED front-facing light for shining the way on night rides and increased visibility in dull conditions.

You can keep an eye on your mileage, speed, and temperature on the LCD display, which I feel is helpful if you like to track your progress or distance.

With this powerful electric bike, mountain biking could be more fun than ever!

  • Hidden battery style.
  • Ebike and PAS (pedal-assist) modes.
  • Aluminum alloy frame & front fork.
  • Waterproof battery.
  • Maximum speed 20mph.
  • Not suitable for riders under 5-foot 2 inches in height.
Our Overview

If the idea of a folding bicycle appeals to you, then you may like this one. The Speedrid folds into a compact size that should fit into most vehicles and makes it convenient to store at home.

In my opinion, those who are not mechanically-minded may appreciate the fact that this bicycle arrives almost fully assembled.

The e-bikes handlebar setup is something that also looks straightforward to use. On one side, you’ll find a dual-function switch for the lamp and the horn — both useful safety features. On the other, you operate the speed throttle.

The battery is chargeable within 4 to 6 hours, and from this, you can travel from around 15 to 30 miles depending on whether you choose pedal-assist or e-bikes mode.

  • 250W motor.
  • Dual suspension.
  • Up to 31 miles in Assisted Mode.
  • Slip-resistant tires for use in all weather.
  • Upper-speed limit — 15mph.
  • Labeled as being suitable for gradients of up to 15 degrees — may not have the capacity for hardcore inclines .
Our Overview

If you’re a fan of fat tires, this bike could appeal. It has the most powerful motor on this list, at 750W, powered by a 48V cell. With 5 hours worth of charging, you’ll be ready to rumble for up to 55 miles.

You can take a ride in any weather with the thick tires and hydraulic brake system. You should also have a smoother ride, with a center and front pneumatic shock absorber, as well as an all-aluminum suspension front fork.

Its color LCD screen is oversized for quick-viewing of the remaining battery juice, plus your trip distance. There is also a USB port for plugging in your cell phone, and a holder too.

The battery slides nicely into the aluminum frame and is removable for hassle-free charging. It takes up to 7 hours to top up the battery.



  • 750W power motor.
  • Hydraulic braking system.
  • Aluminum alloy construction.
  • Suspension front fork, center shock absorber, and front air shock absorber.
  • May be too large for those shorter than 5-foot 4 inches to use.


tobias bjerknes pu40LpUjv5I unsplash 1


A powered bike can add that extra bit of oomph to your trail biking and spur you on to hit some PBs, or make your trail ride easier, faster, and more fun.

So, what is the best electric mountain bike?

My top pick would have to be the BRIGHT GG ebike.

I feel this e-bicycle is both stylish and practical, as it’s suitable for commuting to work or doing some power trail biking. You can also choose from different riding styles — assisted or unassisted.

Other bikes worth a look are the affordable ANCHEER 350/500W, and the WALLKE X3 Pro, which should satisfy your fat tire fix.

But my top choice for a lightweight, durable, pedal-assisted bicycle is the BRIGHT GG ebike.

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