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You may have seen those retro-looking Dutch-style bicycles around in recent years. There’s one brand, Lekker Bikes, that’s even developed something of a cult following in American and European cities. These bikes have upright seats and a vintage feel to them.

A brand based in Amsterdam — they specialize in old-school, relaxed style bicycles and commuter bikes. Lekker bikes are a premium ride. They’re made with lightweight aluminum bodies and high-quality components — it’s all in the attention to detail.

If you’re interested in Lekker bikes, here’s what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Where are Lekker bikes from?
  • What kinds of bikes does Lekker make?
  • What is a Dutch-style bike?
  • How much does a Lekker bike cost?
  • Where are Lekker bikes made?
  • Do you have to assemble your Lekker bike?
  • Are Lekker bikes good?

Where Are Lekker Bikes From?

The origin story of Lekker Bikes is that the company’s founder, Meindert Wolfraad, left his home in the Netherlands for the sunny beaches of Australia. The only thing lacking from his relaxed life down under was a Dutch bike to ride to the beach and to see his friends.

Wolfraad first tried importing Dutch bicycles to Australia, but soon let it go to launch his own line of bikes. The brand is, in their own words — born in Amsterdam, raised in Australia. As for the name, Lekker is the Dutch word meaning “nice” or “tasty,” and captures the street vibe the design is going for.

Lekker Bikes now has stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Amsterdam, but they ship to the US, Canada, and many countries in Europe. The company’s logo still evokes their Dutch origin — with a simple tulip design and three crosses from Amsterdam’s coat of arms.

What Kinds of Bikes Does Lekker Make?

If there’s something that defines Lekker Bikes, it’s that the company makes old-school style cycles with new school equipment. The bikes look like they’re from another time, but they’re full of modern twists.

Another feature defining these bikes is their lightweight aluminum framing — designed for the Australian market.

Lekker Bikes made its name with it’s traditional Dutch-style bikes Jordaan and Sportief. For the European and Australian markets, the brand has now centered their attention on sleek e-bikes.

However, you’re still able to find the classic Jordaan, and in the United States, you can also enjoy the Amsterdam Elite M2 Nuvinci as an urban commuter option.

Lekker still concentrates on functional city bikes that are made with quality parts and smart details. But don’t look for a mountain bike or racing model from this brand — at least not at the moment. The company manufactures bikes that work best for everyday two-wheeled life on the pavement, not off-road conditions or touring.

Let’s look at the range of Lekker bikes you can find today.


The Jordaan is a city cruiser bike. It has an upright, vintage design and wide tires — made for a sunny day around town.

This bike comes fully equipped with mudguards, a bell, a kickstand, and racks, plus, lights for both the front and the back. The saddle is wide for the ultimate in butt comfort and covered with leather — as are the handlebars.

Jordaan is what Lekker does best. It’s a simple bike with functional retro-looking details like the rack at the front and back, mixed with modern components like Shimano gears and a rear brake.

You can also customize the bike with extras like the traditional, generous wicker basket. It’s perfect for hauling more cargo, for a picnic or a day at the office.

The Jordaan is available for both men and women in the US market. With a 3-speed drivetrain, you probably won’t be winning any time-trials with it — but it’s a great-looking bike.

What the Jordaan feels best for is a picnic in the park or a laid back slow ride at the beach. It has the perfect carefree vibe for occasional cycling, but it’s not the fastest machine.


The Jordaan+ is an electric version of the same classic bike that is Lekker’s best-selling model. It’s the classic upright-style that features the subtle addition of a motor — which is hardly perceptible to the outside.

This model has recently been released exclusively in Europe and Australia. If it’s successful, it may arrive in the US later on like other Lekker Bikes models.

The battery is smartly hidden over the back wheel, right beneath the rack. The Jordaan+ also has its analog predecessor’s wide carrying rack at the front, which gives space for your groceries or personal items.

Amsterdam Elite M2 Nuvinci

If you spend a lot of time in the saddle— and prioritize speed over comfort, the Amsterdam Elite could be the Lekker Bike option for you. It has a more forward-leaning position and an overall sportier feel than the Jordaan. This makes it faster and more comfortable on longer commutes.

The Jordaan may feel big and clumsy in comparison to the Amsterdam Elite’s minimalistic and lightweight design. It still carries some of the characteristics of this brand, like the tough aluminum frame, front rack and modern, quality parts.

The Amsterdam Elite series also comes with wide, “Thick-slick” tires. It means they can handle tougher terrain — but they’re far from mountain bike tires.

Overall, it’s an eye-catching commuter bike — with a sleek look. The saddle is streamlined, and the seatpost has red LED lights as a safety detail.

dovile ramoskaite

Amsterdam GT and Amsterdam+

Amsterdam GT and Amsterdam+ are e-bikes recently released for the European and Australian markets. They have the same forward-leaning commuter design as the Amsterdam Elite series, but they include a Bafang motor with a torque sensor.

The sensor automatically calculates how much assistance you need when pedaling. When you’re powering up a hill, the motor will offer more support. This helps you get through your commute without breaking too much of a sweat.

The neat thing about the Amsterdam commuter e-bikes is that they don’t have that clunky and awkward-looking middle bar that e-bikes often feature to hide the motor. It’s only slightly wider than the bar of a regular bike and hardly perceptible.

The motor is also surprisingly quiet and doesn’t add much to the overall weight — at only 6.5 extra pounds. You can take out the battery to recharge or switch it for a more powerful one.

The Amsterdam GT is a very attractive bike for the city. It’s painted black with a smooth, satin finish, and the quality details add a nice touch. It will be interesting to see when these options arrive on the US market.

Kids’ Bikes

Lekker also makes two types of kid’s bikes, a classic cycle with training wheels and a balance bike.

The Lekker Mini balance bike comes in seven colors, with a standard 12-inch frame size, and the saddle height adjusts from 15 to 20 inches. They’re suitable for kids from 2 to 5 years who are learning how to ride a bike on their own. The balance bike also comes with the leather saddle and handlebar grip.

Lekker Mini Commuter is for kids from 5 to 7 years, who have already mastered pedaling. It comes in a 16-inch frame and a choice of five different colors. The big, comfortable tires are suitable for those first biking trips with your kiddo.

Lekker Bikes Review

What Is a Dutch Style Bike?

Dutch-style bikes are the traditional, old school style upright-sitting bikes. They typically feature butt-saving comfort saddles, tall frames and wide racks at the rear. They’re ideal for leisurely everyday errands or even short trips wearing a skirt — which is why some people refer to them as “grandma bikes.”

Dutch people know a thing or two about bicycles, so it’s no wonder that they have a specific bike style. The Netherlands is a cycling hotspot, where people take their bikes everywhere, from work to the beach or dinner with friends. A bicycle in the Netherlands is not just a cool item — it’s a necessary mode of transport.

The Dutch make 27 percent of all their trips on a bicycle, and the average person cycles over 3 kilometers, or nearly 2 miles, every day. For that, they need a reliable quality bicycle that will allow them to transfer from work to fun in an urban setting.

The bikes do include a couple of important alterations from the traditional Dutch model. Instead of steel bikes, Wolfraad designed rust-free aluminum frames. They’re better for Australian beach living, where the salty air would quickly corrode a steel frame.

Also, note that many traditional Dutch bikes don’t feature a hand brake but instead a brake on the pedal — aka a coaster brake. You use this type of brake by merely rotating the pedals backward. It can take a touch of practice, and at first, you might hit the brake too abruptly.

However, in general, Lekker bikes come with a hand brake, except for the Mini Commuter that incorporates both.

Another alteration Wolfraad included is the color. Traditional Dutch bikes are usually black, but Lekker bikes are available in eye-catching colors, even in pastels for a feminine touch.

Lekker Bikes Review FAQs

How Much Does a Lekker Bike Cost?

Lekker’s conventional bikes are not expensive, even though they’re a product with serious design and detail. However, they’re not for the budget-conscious either.

The new range sold in Europe is wholly focused on e-bikes that are energy-saving and quiet. However, the addition of the motor makes the initial outlay more substantial.

If you want a Lekker e-bike, you’ll have to factor in how much you’ll save on other means of transportation.

Where Are Lekker Bikes Made?

Lekker Bikes manufactures Dutch-style bikes, designed in Amsterdam and Melbourne and assembled in Australia.

The brand does source its bicycle parts from around the world and doesn’t hide this fact. From Indonesian wicker baskets for the Jordaan to Japanese Shimano parts, the bike components are sourced from an extensive list of countries. They construct the main body of the bike — the signature aluminum frame in China.

Do You Have to Assemble Your Lekker Bike?

Yes, unless you live close to a store in Amsterdam or Australia, you’ll have to assemble parts of it yourself. Lekker models ship 85 percent assembled — so they will require some work on your part.

If you’re not mechanically-savvy in any way, you may wish to trust this to a professional — as not to affect the two-year warranty for the frame and components.

Lekker e-bikes ship 98 percent pre-assembled, but you’ll have to adjust the handlebars, saddle and pedals yourself. This is something most people will be able to do at home.

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Are Lekker Bikes Good?

Whether a Lekker bike is a good option for you depends on the usage. If you’re looking for a comfortable city bike you know you won’t use for fast-paced action, Lekker makes some exciting alternatives.

For a medium or short commute as well as for hauling groceries, they’re the ideal bike. The e-bike options also allow you to save your strength, so you don’t have to waste your energy on your way to work.

If you’re looking for a bike for more athletic usage, off-road experimenting or touring, they may not be the best right option. Even the commuter bike line Amsterdam is more upright than a long-distance bike. If your preference is all-out speed and attacking the tarmac — this is not your brand.

Lekker bikes are made for city use, whether it’s for every day or the occasional trip to the park. They’re premium bikes with many interesting and smart details, plus they look awesome — whether you go for the sleek Amsterdam commuters or the upright Jordaan.


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