The 10 Best BMX Bike Brands

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Whether you’re a dirt-road addict, freestyle nut, or just an 80s-retro nostalgia nerd—BMX bikes are immense fun.

Yet, with so many manufacturers online, choosing one of the best BMX bike brands is as tough as pulling off a sweet 360—at least, I think that’s what the kids call it.

Here’s your ultimate guide to these ‘sick’ cycles.

The Best BMX Bike Brands

The Best BMX Bike Brands

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Creating the ultimate best BMX brands top ten isn’t an exact science.

Brand longevity is naturally important, as they’ve stayed the course for one key reason, producing seriously good cycles. However, there are many new-kids-on-the-block who are creating phenomenally reliable and robust BMXs.

Furthermore, some manufacturers specialize in solely producing BMX (Bicycle Motocross) cycles—others, make the whole gamut of bikes—yet use their two-wheeled know-how to create some awesome freestyle machines.

Hence, below is my non-restrictive list of what I consider the most impressive BMX brands available.

1. Mongoose

One of the biggest and best BMX bike brands—with a history dating back over 45 years.

Back in 1974, Skip Hess founded BMX Products, Inc from his garage in Simi Valley, California—producing his first cycle, the MotoMag One Wheel.

Under this banner, he formed the Mongoose brand, which, at the height of its success, employed 85 people and produced a remarkable 600 frames per day.

Today, owned by Dorel Industries, it manufactures high-level BMX and mountain bikes.

2. Elite Bikes

Perhaps one of the most respected BMX brands in the world.

Elite bikes are the choice of many professionals worldwide—producing not only top-end machines but also more budget-friendly models for the hobbyist.

Concentrating purely on this niche, they retail frames, handlebars, hubs and brakes—in fact, everything you need for your motocross cycle. One of their key ambassadors is the BMX supremo and Red Bull athlete Marin Rantes.

3. Redline Bikes

A mammoth in the BMX sphere. Since 1974, Redline Bikes has been manufacturing both BMX freestyle and race machines for both professionals and the serious amateur.

In addition to production, the company has its own riding teams—in BMX, freestyle, mountain and cyclocross competitions.

As innovators, they created the world’s first three-piece, tubular Chromoly (chromium and molybdenum) BMX cranks.

4. Dynacraft

Founded in 1984, this USA-based manufacturer is nothing if not versatile—producing a wide range of cycles, scooters and electric bikes.

However, their history is founded upon reliable and sensibly-priced bikes—their reach stretching across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Perhaps its greatest claim to fame in the BMX world is its Tony Hawk signature series—a line of cycles approved by the world’s most successful skateboarder.

bmx bike next to wall

5. Schwinn Bicycle Company

The oldest cycle brand on this rundown—established in 1895.

However, they nearly missed out on the BMX bike trend. As the sport grew in Southern California, they initially considered the pursuit to be too dangerous and didn’t immediately join the rush to produce motocross machines.

However, after a major rethink, they relented and produced their first BMX, the Scrambler, in 1975.

Today, although producing a cycle in virtually every niche, riders consider them to be one of the best BMX bike brands.

6. Mafiabikes

This UK-based brand, owned by the entrepreneur Marc Brotherton, and trading under the Stomp Racing Ltd umbrella, is one of the newest best BMX bike brands around.

In just ten years, it's gained an impressive reputation for manufacturing price-friendly, high-performance BMX bikes that it distributes worldwide.

In addition to their motocross cycles, it retails an impressive array of after-sales parts and accessories, allowing you to customize your bike.

7. Razor

This brand gained worldwide attention through its highly successful Razor Scooter back in 2000. In just six months, six million of these influential street riders found their way into the homes of eager urban enthusiasts.

However, it’s only recently that they’ve begun to dip their toes into the motocross world—with their younger-market targeted Nebula BMX (in conjunction with cycle experts, Kent).

8. Framed Bikes

Operating out of the twin cities of Minnesota and Saint Paul, Framed Bikes has a vast array of cycle models, including commuter, hybrid, road and mountain.

Yet, its impressive line of eleven BMX cycles has led many trick-aficionados to believe this firm to be one of the best BMX bike brands in the USA.

Not only respected for its urban two-wheelers, but the brand has also gained a reputation for excellent customer care and after-sales service.

bmx outside adventurer

9. SE Bikes

Perhaps the brand with the purest BMX pedigree.

In 1970s California, Scot Breithaupt organized the first-ever BMX race and started  BUMS (Bicycle United Motocross Society).

An eager entrepreneur, he founded Scott Enterprises, soon to be abbreviated to SE Bikes—a manufacturer of top-end motocross two-wheelers. Throughout the late 70s and early 80s, SE was the must-have brand in the serious BMX world.

Forty years later, this historic company continues to sell high-performance cycles worldwide.

10. FitBikeCo

Formed in 1999 by S&M Bikes in Santa Ana, California—this brand is synonymous with BMX.

It’s first frame, the Series One, was built by the BMX legends Brian Foster and Mike Aitken.

Today, it continues to produce American-made cycles and parts, as well as importing bikes from around the world.

up close bike brake

The 10 Best BMX Bikes from the Ultimate Brands

So, that’s the best BMX bike brands—now down to the fun stuff!

Here are my picks of the best kids, freestyle and off-road BMX bikes—all of which exemplify the ultimate niche brands.

Our Overview

Size: 20-inch wheels.

Weight: 32 pounds.

Whether you want to grind the streets or develop your trick riding skills—this could be the best BMX bike.

Suitable for beginners through to advanced riders, this cycle includes removable brake mounts—allowing you to perform impressive maneuvers without being caught in the cables.

For reliable steering, it features a Chromoly handlebar and fork—that should deliver both durability and lighter weight. Broad double-wall 36H rims will provide impressive grip through the 2.4-inch wide tires.

And if you want to perform a ‘fakie,’ you may appreciate the free coaster hub—allowing you to travel backward without pedaling.

  • A cycle from perhaps the leader of the best BMX bike brands.
  • 21-inch top-tube length.
  • Lightweight aluminum brake for precision control.
  • Suitable for beginners through to advanced level.
  • Ideal for park, street and dirt riding.
  • Includes pegs.
  • 16-inch wheels available for younger riders.
  • Assembly requires brake installation—challenging if you lack experience.
Our Overview

Size:  20-inch wheels.

Weight: 26.2 pounds.

If you’re planning on pulling some sick moves—I propose this BMX will appeal.

It comes complete with grinding pegs—cylinders on the rear hub, allowing you to dismount the pedals while remaining on your bike for a wide variety of tricks.

And, if you’re not so experienced, you may welcome the reinforced welds on the cycle's impact points. Thus meaning even with a few ‘happy accidents,’ your bike will remain in one piece.

Furthermore, impressively wide 2.5-inch directional treaded tires should deliver reassuring grip—even on gravel surfaces.

  • Available in a choice of four colors.
  • High-tensile steel frame.
  • One-piece crank.
  • 25-9 gearing.
  • 6061 rims.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Thick foam-padded seat.
  • Some users may find the slightly oversized handlebars restrict trick movement.
Our Overview

Size: 26-inch wheels.

Weight: 28 pounds.

It’s not all about pulling wheelies and bunny-hops. I suggest that this street-ready cycle, coming from one of the best BMX bike brands, is perfect for those cyclists who want a mean commuter or cruiser ride.

The manufacturer has combined modern, efficient geometry with retro styling—perhaps ideal for those who demand new tech but love nostalgia.

The Chromoly frame offers durability, but without the weight of pure steel. And, whether you want back-pedal braking or the traditional hand-lever—you can switch with the flip-flop hub.

  • Suitable for everyday riding—not just competitive sports.
  • Chrome finish on the crank and handlebars.
  • Tapered fork to reduce weight and add stability.
  • Includes pedals.
  • Narrow road-ready 2.1-inch tires.
  • Choice of four retro colors.
  • Sports seat may prove to be hard on the butt for some cyclists.
  • If you wish to perform some tricks—you’ll need to buy additional grinding pegs.
Our Overview

Size: 24-inch wheels.

Weight: 37 pounds.

Although a bike primarily for the younger user—I’d suggest this could be a solid and good cheap BMX bike for adults wanting to explore the freestyle world. And don’t worry about crushing it, it can accommodate up to 275 pounds of weight!

Styled with the legendary Tony Hawk signature, this cycle has an alloy-threaded handlebar stem—promoting stability for both young riders and beginners.

For added safety, and to protect your gear and clothing, it includes a full chainguard. However, with its see-through design, you retain the trick-style appearance.

A lightly padded seat should prevent butt fatigue, and tactile handlebar grips will ensure strong control.

  • Black rims for a mean appearance.
  • Rear cantilever brake.
  • Available with 20-inch wheels for smaller riders.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.
  • Choice of three frame designs.
  • It’s heavy—which may make performing some freestyle maneuvers a challenge.
Our Overview

Size: 24-inch wheels.

Weight: 34 pounds.

Should you reminisce warmly about the 1980s—or are simply addicted to the Netflix series Stranger Things—I believe you’ll adore this cycle.

It’s based on the world-famous 1984 Schwinn Predator—and features much of the original styling, including chrome coloring, gum-wall tires, replica decals and those shin-killing rat-trap pedals.

However, coming from one of the best BMX bike brands—it's up to date in quality. It has a high-tensile steel frame, intuitive caliper brakes, and a one-inch headset.

So, whether you’re planning on reliving those 360s from 35 years ago—or just want to turn heads commuting to work—I feel this BMX has it all covered.

  • A classic example of BMX history.
  • Updated with modern features.
  • Aluminum alloy rims.
  • Unusually for a BMX, has both front and rear caliper brakes.
  • Suitable for dirt, road or pavement.
  • Simple to assemble for first use.
  • Brake cables may require adjustment after a few days of use.
  • Although part of the nostalgia—the hard saddle may not suit all riders.
The 10 Best BMX Bike Brands 17The 10 Best BMX Bike Brands 18
Our Overview

Size:  20-inch wheels.

Weight: 26.5 pounds.

Although BMX’s may have had their largest fame in the 70s and 80s—in my opinion, this is a truly 21st-century ride.

While it harks back to yesteryear, the contemporary styling—including large 29-inch bars, an 8.5-inch rise and wide 2.4-inch crawler tires—shout modernity. Furthermore, its graphite paintwork, color-coded rims, and stylish font demonstrate this isn’t a retro machine.

However, it still retains some characteristic BMX features—including a molded black saddle, rear cantilever brake and 25-9 gearing.

If you don’t like to stand out—I feel this may not be to your taste. Bold white-wall tires emblazoned with a large Lagos logo are definitely a head-turner.

  • Alloy rims.
  • Tapered fork legs for lighter weight and strength.
  • Large rubberized hand grips for reassuring control.
  • Suitable for the more avant-garde BMX cyclist.
  • Modern design.
  • Wide tires with impressive tread for a reliable grip.
  • Not the best BMX bike in the world for commuting—you need to purchase a separate road-ready kit.
The 10 Best BMX Bike Brands 19The 10 Best BMX Bike Brands 20
Our Overview

Size: 20-inch wheels.

Weight: 31.5 pounds.

Once your little one has learned how to ride—they may want to take things to the max. If that’s the case, I believe this cycle, from one of the best BMX bike brands, will fit the bill.

Happily, you shouldn’t be hankering after any additional purchases. This cycle includes both front and rear grinding pegs—allowing your child to attempt tricks, or transport their buddies, from the get-go.

The Tig-welded steel frame should stand up to the demands a younger rider can place on their bike. And, for added safety, it includes both front and rear cantilever brakes—meaning they can use it on the road for school runs.

And, to prevent damage to their pants, it incorporates a full chainguard.

  • Suitable for riders 7-12 years.
  • Alloy seat clamp.
  • Safety conscious features for younger riders.
  • Reflective pedals.
  • Red-trimmed tires to match pegs and hand-levers.
  • Front and rear reflector.
  • It takes a little time to assemble.
  • I would expect a more extensive choice of colors for the younger user.
  • As a steel bike—it’s heavy.
Our Overview

Size: 22-inch wheels.

Weight: 32.2 pounds.

In my opinion, this is the best beginner BMX bike—hence ideal for those testing the water in this niche world.

The Chromoly handlebars should provide both reliable and lightweight control. Furthermore, I believe the large and substantially-notched grips will deliver reassuring and slipless contact with the bars.

Additionally, the utilization of loose-ball hubs and a 0.375-inch front axle will give a smoother riding experience—being forgiving for the BMX newbie.

And, there’s no sign of the traditional molded and razor-like sports seat. This bike includes a Velo padded saddle—meaning that the cyclist’s first introduction to motocross will not be a painful or off-putting experience.

  • A quality introduction to hardcore BMX riding.
  • Cross-tread tires for reliable ground-grip.
  • Lightweight Chromoly frame and handlebar.
  • Semi-sealed hubs for protection.
  • Rear cantilever brake.
  • Three-piece crank.
  • Price may deter beginner riders.
  • Doesn’t include the wrenches you require for assembly.
Our Overview

Size: 24-inch wheels.

Weight: 26.8 pounds.

A cycle coming from undoubtedly one of the best BMX bike brands—although at a price to match.

This cycle screams retro—and loudly. This is a bike for those who want others to notice them, with a choice of bold color schemes.

It’s a serious competition machine—coming complete with branded pads for those unfortunate accidents. Furthermore, it incorporates a front number plate for dirt racing.

I believe the 6061 aluminum frame should stand up to the toughest rides, while the Promax V-brake could deliver the ultimate in control.

  • Available in shocking black, green and white.
  • Chromoly axle.
  • Colored tires.
  • Extra-grip seat cover.
  • Alloy valve caps for distinctive styling.
  • Includes rear pegs.
  • While a durable cycle—the manufacturer supplied tires are not hard-wearing.
Our Overview

Size:  20-inch wheels.

Weight: 28.5 pounds.

With its full Chromoly frame, a 14mm sealed-bearing free coasting hub, and wide 2.4-inch tires—this is a BMX for the serious enthusiast or pro.

Straight from the box, this cycle is freestyle ready—with its front and rear grinding pegs. And, although the manufacturer supplies a 990 U-brake, dedicated trick riders will probably consign it to their spare parts drawer.

The 21-inch top tube and 8.8-inch standover height is pure street geometry—ready to make mincemeat of rails and steps.

  • A high-end unit for advanced BMX riders.
  • Integrated seat tube.
  • Lightly padded seat.
  • Minimalist—as a true freestyle bike should be.
  • Color-coded single-wall rims.
  • Not suitable for the BMX newbie.

bike race


Best BMX Bike Brands Conclusion

Sometimes you want to do more than just ride. BMX bikes allow you to shake off the shackles of restrictive road use—and take your imagination to the max.

These durable two-wheelers enable you to release your cycling animal within—but to ensure safety and have the equipment that can match your inspiration—you need to choose one of the best BMX bike brands.

For me, not only is Mongoose, the best manufacturer, but also its flagship two-wheeler, the Legion Freestyle, is possibly the best BMX on the market.

Suitable for street grinds or pulling some air in the park—this bike will cope. Its wide tires will deliver impressive grip, while the Chromoly handlebar should provide light yet responsive steering.

Whether a complete beginner or trick specialist, in my opinion, the included hub pegs and the removable brake will allow you to push your riding to the limits.

That said, there are some seriously close competitors—I’m talking about the budget-friendly Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series and the nostalgic beauty of the Schwinn Predator.

But the brand-busting behemoth that jumps higher than the rest, it has to be the Mongoose Legion Freestyle.

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