The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start!

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Cycling is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing pursuit, right?

So why is it, after many rides, you have a sore butt, aching hands, and elbows that feel like they’ve been operating a jackhammer?

Thankfully, there’s a solution.

The best comfort bikes take the unpleasant pain out of pedaling.

The Five Best Comfort Bikes

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What Is a Comfort Bike?

As the name suggests, they’re the most comfortable bikes on the market. Efficiency isn’t at the heart of their design. Instead, they’re all about luxury.

Consider it in automobile terms. Comfort bikes are the Rolls-Royces of the cycling world—decadent, substantial, and packed with pleasure-enhancing features.

Sticking with the car analogy—a road bike would be a Formula One car, and a mountain bike a Jeep.

Hence, comfort bikes will not win any races, or be able to cope with tough terrain—but if you're a complete hedonist—they’re the ultimate pedal machine.

This makes them particularly useful for local work commutes, shooting out to the grocery store, or leisurely weekend rides with the family.

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Features of a Comfort Bike

So, what is it that makes this cycle the most comfortable bike?

Typically, they possess the following indulgent features:


Often, the best comfort bike will be akin to an armchair on two wheels. The saddle is characteristically oversized and with dense padding to take the next-day butt pain out of riding.

Riding Position

Raised handlebars promote an upright riding position—making it easier on your back and providing excellent visibility. Admittedly, you’re a long way removed from being aerodynamic—but as I mentioned, you’re not going to win the Tour de France, even on the best comfort bicycle.


Typically, the best comfort bikes feature front fork and seat post suspension—to absorb impacts and create the smoothest of journeys.

Tires and Wheels

Usually, although not always, these cycles boast 26-inch wheels and wide tires—their elevated air volume acting as an impact absorber to take the stress and strain out of your hands and elbows.

All these indulgent features add to the weight of the cycle, which is perhaps their only downside—a comfort bike is a heavy machine.


Comfort vs Cruiser vs Hybrid Bike

It all sounds so simple, right? If a company has built a cycle that places emphasis on pleasure—it's a comfort bike. End of discussion.

Unfortunately, cycle manufacturers don’t seem to like such clear distinctions. They often blur the lines between different bike types—incorporating their best features together.

This is most apparent in cruiser and hybrid models—which frequently feature comfort bike essentials such as a luxurious seat or front suspension.

That said, some key characteristics separate these somewhat similar pedal machines.

Comfort vs Cruiser Bike

Typically, a cruiser bike will be single speed—while a comfort includes (often limited) gears to cope with undulating terrain. Furthermore, cruisers often lack the extensive suspension of comfort varieties—although they do share a related upright riding position.

Comfort vs Hybrid Bike

Hybrids, instead of the 26-inch wheels of the comfort, have much thinner 700c tires—closer to those that you would traditionally find on a road bike.

Furthermore, while hybrids typically have suspension, it’s generally set ‘hard’—promoting more efficient energy expenditure in the cyclist. Comfort bikes possess much softer absorption—raising comfort but increasing the workload of the rider.

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What to Look for in the Best Comfort Bikes

best comfort bikes infographic

Although purchasing any one of the best comfort bikes will give you the utmost in riding opulence—there are still some key features you should consider before making your choice.

Number of Gears

You’re cycling for pleasure—not to give your quadriceps (thighs) the mother-of-all workouts.

A multi-speed drivetrain allows you to ride effortlessly uphill. At the very least, consider a three-speed machine. And, for those cyclists with a seriously undulating locale, it might be worth considering a bike with up to seven gears.


The handlebars on all the best comfort bikes sweep backward—promoting an upright, and therefore lower-back saving, riding posture.

Dependent on your cycling style, you may prefer handlebars that are almost chopper-like—delivering a virtually straight spine—or a gentler angled type, that allows for a little back curvature.


To a greater or lesser extent, the best comfort bikes have dropped top bars. The steeper the angle, the easier it is to mount and dismount.

However, some cyclists may feel that too much drop ruins the aesthetic of the cycle—giving it a more traditional (and stereotyped) feminine feel.

Hand Grips

Cyclists often forget about this important feature of a cycle. In addition to your butt, the hands are where you feel the majority of impacts—and which suffer fatigue the quickest (well, after your legs).

Consider the material, padding, and traction on these grips. You need enough purchase to feel in control, but also sufficient cushioning to take the pain and stress out of your palms and fingers.

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The Five Best Comfort Bikes

After researching genuine customer comfort bike reviews, utilizing my personal insight and experience, and looking at the opinions of cycling experts—I’ve found what I believe to be the best comfort bikes available.


1. Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Bike

The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 1The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 2
Wheel size: 26-inch.

Weight: 37.8 pounds.

Coming from the cycle-meisters Schwinn, a company with over a hundred years’ experience in two-wheelers—for me, this is the best comfort bike on the market.

Whether you’re riding in the flatlands of Florida or the mountains of Montana—this cycle should cope. Boasting a seven-speed Shimano drivetrain—I propose you’ll have every gear you need to make scaling your terrain a pleasure. Furthermore, with a micro-switch shifter—your derailleur changes should be swift and effortless.

A gently-sloping top bar gives the impression of a mountain model—but the saddle and shock absorption are pure comfort bikes.

The expansive seat has an ergonomic (butt-onomic?) design to fit snugly around your rear—and features some heavy padding to take the pain out of those road bumps. The front fork suspension, including distinctive chrome plating, will reduce impact in your elbows and shoulders.

The molded handgrips should deliver reassuring control—mounted on gently sweep back handlebars, providing a semi-vertical riding position. Furthermore, those riders using the bike for work or college commutes may welcome the color-coded fenders and full chainguard—ensuring that your clothes aren’t trapped or covered in road spray or dirt.

This comfort bike features both front and rear linear pull-brakes. More straightforward to maintain than disc varieties, they should provide excellent control and stoppability—whether on a downhill descent or battling against road traffic.


  • Includes pedal reflectors.
  • Distinctive chrome-trimmed styling.
  • With two-inch wide tires, it’s possibly the best comfort hybrid bike combo.
  • Durable yet lightweight alloy rims.
  • Comfort in all three touchpoints.
  • Alloy hand levers.
  • Simple to maintain, even for mechanical novices.
  • Respected USA-based manufacturer.
  • Seven-speed Shimano drivetrain.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Large color-coded fenders to protect clothing and other riders from road spray.


  • Lacks suspension in the seat.
  • Only available in black.
  • No pre-drilled mounts to retro-fit a cycle rear rack or water bottle.


2. sixthreezero Body Ease Women's Comfort Bicycle

The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 3The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 4
Wheel size: 26-inch.

Weight: 33.5 pounds.

While the Schwinn Suburban is an excellent unisex machine—if you’re looking for something with a classic feminine feel—this may be one of the best comfort bikes for the female rider.

With its step-through frame and pastel coloring, this bike shouts retro-lady. However, while it may hark back to the past—it’s features are pure 21st century.

Available in a choice of three, seven or 21-speed Shimano drivetrains—you can select the most suitable cycle for your riding style and your local environment. Furthermore, it’s front and rear hand-lever cantilever brakes should deliver reassuring control.

The manufacturer has built a bike to remove tension from your important joints to lower pain and strain—both during and post-ride.

It achieves this through its proprietary Body Ease Geometry—a system that aims to absorb all the road impacts—without transferring them into your body. A trademarked Vibrazorb front fork suspension and a Cloud Soft seat post should lower vibration levels—saving your elbows and joints from any stress.

With an almost cruiser-like handlebar position—your back will be virtually straight—providing both excellent visibility and reducing pressure on your spinal discs.

Additionally, both the handgrips and saddle offer extensive cushioning—which I feel will provide excellent comfort—while also color-coded for a classic appearance.


  • Available in a choice of three colors.
  • Perhaps the most comfortable bicycle for those seeking feminine styling.
  • Support foam in the saddle.
  • Dual-spring wide seat.
  • Promotes tension-free joints.
  • Twist-shift gear selection.
  • Two-inch slick tires.
  • Includes a rear rack.
  • Color-coded chain guard.
  • Suitable for riders from five feet two inches to five feet ten inches.
  • Hails from a California-based cycle company.
  • Ability to lock-out the suspension for speedier rides.


  • For a classically-styled cycle—it’s surprising that it doesn’t include fenders.


3. Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike

The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 5The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 6
Wheel size: 27.5-inch.

Weight: 36 pounds.

Should you be looking for a comfort cycle with slightly larger wheels than the 26-inch standard—this may be a sensible choice.

This clean and almost minimalist-looking bike possesses 27.5-inch alloy rims and sports 1.95-inch wide Kendra tires. I suggest that this may suit those riders who find smaller wheels don’t smooth out the road surface as much as they’d like.

As with all the best comfort bikes, this cycle incorporates a multi-speed drivetrain. The reliable Shimano Revo delivers seven different gears, which you operate through a simple twist shift. Hence, no awkward fiddling about with older styled frame-changers.

Raleigh has utilized its proprietary True Comfort geometry in this two-wheeler—providing perhaps the most vertical riding position of all the cycles in this rundown.

It achieves this by reducing the distance between the seat post and head tube—ensuring you sit upright. Furthermore, with gently back-sweeping handlebars—you’re in the optimum position for spinal comfort.

The manufacturer has sculpted the heavily-padded saddle to cradle your butt—which I propose will lower ass fatigue during your journeys—and prevent that familiar 24-hours-later ache.

In my opinion, this cycle will appeal not only to comfort converts, but also to reserved riders. Muted black coloration enhanced by tasteful yet soft chrome styling delivers a classy look—but not one that’s going to make you stand out on the street.


  • A classic and traditional-looking cycle.
  • Suitable for roads, campground trails, bike paths and undulating locales.
  • Steel frame for durability,
  • Includes pedal reflectors.
  • Incorporates Raleigh’s bespoke True Comfort geometry.
  • Minimalist styling and decals.
  • Steep top bar drop to promote simple mounts and dismounts.
  • Dual springs on the seat.
  • Seven-speed Shimano Revo drivetrain.
  • Alloy rims to reduce weight and prevent corrosion.


  • Only available in black and medium-sizing.
  • Lacks front suspension.
  • No chainguard.
  • Absence of end stops on hand grips.


4. sixthreezero Body Ease Men's 21-Speed Comfort Road Bicycle


The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 7The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 8

Wheel size: 26-inch.

Weight: 34.5 pounds.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with beautiful, yet challenging, inclines and declines—or just adore the control that numerous gears can provide—I feel you’ll love this cycle.

With a choice of 21-speeds provided by a Shimano drivetrain—you have a gear set for any eventuality. Furthermore, the quick-fire shifters should make moving from uphill to downhill modes effortless.

This cycle incorporates sixthreezero’s Body Ease geometry. Meaning that the pedals are directly beneath your hips—reducing pressure on your back, shoulders and wrists.

I propose the cushion-like saddle will provide some welcome pampering for your butt. Oversized and highly-padded, it should allow for pain-free riding. Furthermore, it also tapers to fit snugly around your sitting-cheeks—and incorporates both dual springs and a shock absorber in the seat post.

The almost sit-up-and-beg handlebars will promote a straight spine—while the soft, durable and rubber hand grips should relieve hand fatigue, while preventing over-perspiration.

Want to customize this cycle for your particular riding requirements? It’s not an issue. This comfort bike comes complete with numerous mounting points and pre-drilled holes to attach anything from baskets to baby seats. Additionally, as this cycle includes a rear carry rack—you can connect side bags or panniers for those weekend excursions or daily work commutes.


  • Gently sloping and curving top bar hints towards a mountain bike aesthetic.
  • Ideal for the rider who demands both luxury and high gear volume.
  • Vibrazorb front suspension to reduce impact and lower vibration.
  • Relieves tension in your crucial bone joints.
  • Suspension in the seat post.
  • Two-inch tires.
  • Reflectors in pedals.
  • Curved handlebars for additional opulence.
  • Rear rack to carry goods or attach panniers.


  • A chainguard would have been a welcome addition.
  • Can be difficult to assemble if you're a cycling newbie—included instructions are minimal.
  • Some riders may find the 21 gears to be overkill.


5. KENT Next Comfort Women’s Bike

The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 9The 5 Best Comfort Bikes for a Great Start! 10
Wheel size:  26-inch.

Weight:  40 pounds.

Comfort doesn't always have to come at a price! This bike, from the US-based cycling powerhouse Kent—delivers a luxurious ride but not at the cost of worrying your bank manager.

If bumps and uneven terrain are playing havoc with your wrists and elbows, I think you’ll welcome the dual-suspension features of this easy-rider. Impact-absorbing front forks and seat-stay should take the knocks and jolts out of every road surface—delivering a silky smooth cruise.

Not only does this cycle arrive complete with an incline-busting seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, but also the chain and front derailleur are covered with a color-coded guard—protecting your clothes and increasing safety.

Mounts and dismounts shouldn’t be challenging. An inversely-kinked top bar lowers the step-over height—while still adding reassuring stability to the cycle. This may appeal to those riders whose street commutes involve scaling large curbs.

A padded seat not only adds butt-benefits—but since it’s mounted on a quick-release clamp—you can also easily adjust its position to suit your particular comfort-cycling style.

The 26-inch wheels include smooth-rolling road tires—which I suggest will promote a relaxed ride. Furthermore, with alloy rims—corrosion shouldn’t be an issue—thus elongating their lifespan and keeping your cycle looking awesome.


  • One of the best comfort bikes for those watching their wallets.
  • Upright and slightly extended steel handlebars for a back-saving posture.
  • Includes seat post and wheel spoke reflectors.
  • Suitable for users (including loads) of up to 250 pounds.
  • Front and rear lever-operated brakes.
  • Dual suspension for added comfort.
  • Steel frame for longevity and durability.
  • Quick-twist gear shifters.
  • Padded hand grips to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Handlebars can be adjusted forward and backward to suit riding style.


  • Bold colors and numerous decals may not suit the more reserved cyclist.
  • Lacks mounts to retro-fit panniers and fenders.

cycling at a park


The Best Comfort Bikes Conclusion

You can take your cycling to the extreme on a rugged mountainside—or push your endurance to the limits on a high-speed road time trial.

Or, you could sit back, relax and just enjoy your ride.

Comfort bikes make two-wheeled physical activity a pleasure—taking out the more disagreeable elements of cycling and making each and every ride a journey into the land of luxury.

And, while all the bikes in this top five deliver overwhelming opulence—for me, the pinnacle of self-indulgent pleasure has to be the Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Bike.

I believe it has everything you need for the pinnacle in pedal pampering—impressive front fork suspension, a dual sprung-seat and sweep-back handlebars. Combine this with an ergonomic and heavily-padded saddle, seven-speed drivetrain, and wide two-inch tires—and you have a cycle that’s akin to being fed grapes by a toga-toting Roman handmaiden (or manservant).

But before you go, let me give a shoutout to a few of the close runners.

Some riders may appreciate the feminine styling of the women’s sixthreezero Body Ease, the larger wheels of the Raleigh Venture, or the budget-friendly price of the Kent Next Comfort.

However, out of all the best comfort bikes—the Schwinn Suburban is the summit of cycling self-indulgence.

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