Top 7 Bike Helmets

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You’ve pumped up the tires, oiled the chain and checked your brakes.

Remember your bike helmet!

Cycling has the highest number of head injuries in any sport—don’t become a part of the statistics!

Instead, use one of the best bike helmets to keep you safe—and stylish!

The Top 7 Ultimate Cycle Helmets



Why Wear a Bike Helmet?


If you maintain your cycle, wear the correct equipment, and follow road regulations—cycling isn’t a dangerous hobby.

When you look at the advantages of being on two wheels—including raising mood, boosting health, saving money and increasing your social circle—the benefits vastly outweigh the risks.

Furthermore, research shows that the more you ride, the less likely you are to have a bump or scrape.

But, accidents can occur—and if they do, your head is exposed. In fact, injuries to the skull are the most common cause of death in cyclists.

Here’s the good news.

Over 55 peer-reviewed studies indicate that using the best bike helmets:

  • Lowers the number of bike riders seriously injured or killed by around 34 percent.
  • Reduces the likelihood of severe head trauma by 60 percent.
  • Drops the incidence of brain injury by 53 percent.
  • Cuts facial disfigurement by 23 percent.
  • Lowers head injuries by 48 percent.

Furthermore, in some countries, such as Australia, wearing a cycle helmet is mandatory. And, although not Federal law in the USA, some states and localities declare that you must wear head protection.

cyclist wearing helmet

What to Look for In the Best Bike Helmets


bike helmet infographic

There’s nothing I love more than rummaging through a thrift store or garage sale. Half of the fun is my inquisitive nature—discovering the miscellaneous and quirky items other people are throwing away.

And I really love a bargain.

For me, finding something I need at a fraction of the retail price is remarkably rewarding—and a welcome bonus to my bank balance.

But, never, ever, purchase a pre-owned ‘lid’

While it may look pristine and be a phenomenal deal—drop the temptation immediately. Firstly, it may not be the correct fit for your head—rendering it pointless and possibly dangerous.

Secondly, you don’t know its history. Although it may look solid, the original owner may have experienced a crash in the helmet—leading to invisible cracks and fractures—ruining its strength and integrity.

You need a helmet that’s perfect for you. So, here’s what to look out for in your shiny new protector.

CPSC Certified

Perhaps the most important factor.

Since 1999, all cycle helmets sold in the USA must meet the CPSC standard (US Consumer Product Safety Commission). This indicates that these head protectors have met the requirements of protecting against both skull fractures and brain injuries.

Hence, when purchasing your helmet—ensure that this regulatory body has found it suitable for certification.


If your helmet is too big—it can slip, lowering protection and possibly obscuring your vision. Too small, and it will perch on the top of your head—offering no shielding on the back and sides of your skull.

Some manufacturers declare their sizes in small, medium and large dimensions. But, as there’s no industry standard—this can vary across brands.

Instead, measure your head’s circumference, around 0.5 to one-inch (1.27 to 2.54 cm) above your eyebrows—and use this number when purchasing your helmet. When measuring its best if you use centimeters—as this is the industry standard.

mountain biking

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System)


Many of the best bike helmets have MIPS. This is a feature that reduces the chance of brain damage—proven by scientific studies.

If the helmet strikes the ground during an accident, a semi-flexible internal layer allows the head to rotate slightly inside the protector—preventing a jarring-effect that would otherwise cause your brain to compress against your skull.


Slats in the helmet can increase air-flow to your head—keeping it cooler. Furthermore, they make the head protector lighter.

However, a high volume of vents can reduce the impact protection of the helmet—which manufacturers compensate for by including stronger and thicker internal foam.

This can reduce comfort and make the helmet appear too large for your head.

Woman’s Helmet

Many of the best bike helmets are for both genders—however, some manufacturers make head protectors specifically for the ladies.

Usually, they run to smaller sizes than the unisex versions, as genetically, women have smaller skulls than men. This means it can be easier to find a perfect fit—especially if you have a somewhat dainty head.

Additionally, they often feature more traditionally ‘feminine’ styling. And, sometimes, include a ‘hair-port’—a space at the rear of the helmet to pass a ponytail through (although I guess some men would appreciate that too).

urban cyclist

The 7 Best Bike Helmets


After thorough research, I believe I found the best bike helmets currently available—including some impressive examples for women and dirt bikers.


Our Overview

Size: 52 cm to 56 cm.

Weight: 0.66 pounds.

In my opinion, the best road bike helmet for all-around use—ideal for those who commute during the week and then either enjoy a leisurely weekend cruise or an intense speed session.

Protection should always be the priority—exemplified by this head protector. A thick EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam core and an outer polycarbonate shell will deliver impressive shock absorption. Furthermore, you have peace of mind, whether at home or abroad—knowing it conforms to CPSC and CEN1078 (European) standards.

I believe it will provide impressive head comfort—with 22 large vents allowing cool air to enter from the front and pushing out warmer air through the rear ports.

Additionally, the interior includes removable pads. This means you can clean them to ensure a hygienic and fresh-smelling helmet. And, during seriously intense rides, I propose you’ll welcome the perspiration-absorbing chin pad.

Should your rides be plagued with annoying bugs—I suggest that you’ll appreciate the mesh liner—included by the manufacturer to keep unwanted critters from your hair.



  • Includes a USB-rechargeable rear head-light—lasting 40 hours.
  • Despite heavy padding—it’s remarkably lightweight.
  • Adjustable through chin strap and rear dial.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • One of the best bike helmets for cycling versatility.
  • Comes in a choice of four colors.
  • Lowers wind resistance.
  • Includes a carry-bag.
  • Detachable visor.
  • Comes with an instruction manual for safe use.
  • Difficult to see the light in bright daylight conditions.
Our Overview

Size:  56 cm to 60 cm.

59 cm to 63 cm.

Weight: 0.49 pounds.

Perhaps the best road bike helmet for commuters or those who ride to school or college.

This protective cycle gear includes a bespoke backpack—thus allowing you to safely carry your helmet around when you reach your destination—protecting it from damage.

An adjustable rear dial allows you to ensure the perfect fit—and, with 24 vents, when out on the road, your head should be fresh and cool. Furthermore, in bright daylight or on winter days when the sun is low, you may appreciate the detachable visor.

Although unisex, there are 15 color options. This includes a reserved solid black matte through to an urban white and green combo. Thus allowing you to select the perfect helmet for your individual style.

And, if you commute through heavy traffic, or enjoy an evening ride, you could welcome the helmet’s rear red light—which has three settings of always-on and slow and fast flash.

  • CPSC certified.
  • EPS liner surrounded by a polycarbonate shell.
  • Lightweight.
  • Chin strap incorporates padding for comfort.
  • Backpack to protect from sun and dust.
  • Includes visor and rain cover.
  • One of the best bike helmets for commuters.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Includes battery for the rear light.
  • Large number of visor holes lets excessive light through.
Our Overview

Size: 56 cm to 61 cm.

Weight: 0.61 pounds.

If you’re a man or a woman who loves off-road downhill runs and sliding through gravel terrain—this could be the best bike helmet.

Taking it to the extreme can involve some bumps and scrapes. However, I feel with this helmet, you have some impressive protection.

A multi-density EPS foam interior helps to absorb the toughest impacts. Furthermore, an extended rear protects the parietal part of the skull—as you don’t always fall forwards!

The knocks and vibrations caused by dirt riding can begin to loosen your helmet. Should this occur, you can retighten using only one hand―by turning the adjustment dial. Thus, you don’t have to break concentration and stop your ride just to fix your head protector.

No-one likes being blinded by the light—especially when navigating treacherous ground. Hence, I believe intense two-wheelers will appreciate the reinforced large sun-visor. Should you not need it, you can simply slide-up out of the way—there’s no requirement to dismount and detach.

  • Meets CPSC safety standards.
  • Includes 18 air vents to keep you fresh and fatigue-free.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Insect net inside the helmet.
  • Removable interior lining to allow for cleaning.
  • If required, you can completely remove the visor.
  • Surprising that a helmet for extreme use lacks MIPS protection.
  • Some cyclists may not appreciate the ‘police’ look of this head protector.
Our Overview

Size: 52 cm to 58 cm.

Weight: 0.71 pounds.

With its fresh design and meeting CPSC safety standards—for me, this is the best woman’s bike helmet.

It’s true—some ladies prefer the rugged and butch styling of some of the unisex versions. However, this helmet, available in emerald, mint, wine and mixed pink colors—offers a more traditional ‘feminine’ aesthetic.

But, it’s not all about the looks.

Available for a head circumference from 52-58 cm—this should be ideal for even the most bijou of heads. In fact, the manufacturer states that it’s suitable for younger ladies of 14 years and upwards.

I’d suggest that those busy women, pressed for time, may appreciate the helmets True Fit system. This allows you to make just one adjustment to the chin strap—and you’re ready to go. There’s no messing around with latches and dials.

Furthermore, a novel Pinch Guard prevents any unwanted (and painful) nipping of your chin or neck when you buckle up.

If you have “big” or thick hair, you know that your head can become warm. If that’s the case, I’d say you’ll welcome the 16 cooling air vents for continual freshness.

  • Designed with the female head shape in mind.
  • Choice of four elegant colors.
  • CPSC standard.
  • Features easy-to-use adjustment system.
  • Includes a Pinch Guard protector.
  • Reflective paint for added safety.
  • Hair-port not included.
  • The sun-visor lacks ventilation holes.
Our Overview

Size: 54 cm to 55 cm.

56 cm to 57 cm.

58 cm to 59 cm.

60 cm to 61 cm.

Weight: 2.125 pounds.

If you love side-sliding on shale or are mad about cyclocross—I propose you need this head protector—what I consider to be the best dirt bike helmet.

Including MIPS, you can take those corners with confidence, knowing that should the unexpected occur, you’ve taken every precaution to protect your brain. And not only does it incorporate a foam liner to contour precisely to your head—but this is also a full-face helmet.

Hence, on whatever terrain you fall—your cheekbones, chin, nose and precious teeth are safe.

Despite providing all-over coverage—I’d suggest your head will remain cool—essential when you demand the ultimate in concentration. The helmet achieves this through the inclusion of 13 strategically-placed vents.

On extreme ground, the fit is crucial. Therefore I believe dedicated dirt riders will welcome the wide range of sizing options, which rise in one-centimeter increments.

Furthermore, I feel you will find this helmet surprisingly comfortable. Admittedly, it weighs 2.125 pounds—but for a MIPS full-face protector—that’s remarkably easy-on-the-neck.



  • Comes in nine mean and extreme’ colors.
  • MIPS brain protection.
  • Polycarbonate outer shell.
  • CPSC certified.
  • Arrives complete with helmet carry-bag.
  • Complete with sun visor.
  • Foam interior contours to your head.
  • Lightweight for a full helmet.
  • Sizes run small, may be worthwhile choosing one size larger.

Our Overview

Size: 52 cm to 55.5 cm.

55.5 cm to 59 cm.

Weight: 0.66 pounds.

For the ultimate in ladies’ head protection—for me, this is the best bike helmet for women.

Unlike many of its competitors, this female-focused headgear proudly displays the MIPS logo. Thus, should you experience any severe impacts—it provides additional shielding for your brain.

I’d propose that the fit will enhance your safety even more.

The sizes start from 52 cm—accommodating the smaller skull of women. Additionally, this helmet features Giro’s bespoke Roc Loc 5 System. This enables you to custom-tune the front/rear tilt and the tension of the headgear with just one hand. What’s more, it’s lighter than similar mechanisms, reducing neck fatigue.

Should you be lucky enough to sport a lengthy mane—I expect you’ll be glad to see a wide hair-port. Thus allowing you to pass your ponytail securely through the rear of the helmet.

The interior features an impact-absorbing foam liner, and the outer, a polycarbonate shell. And, once your head is inside the helmet—the 22 vents should keep you fresh and energized even on the hottest of days.

  • Available in four colors—from classic to muted feminine.
  • One of the best bike helmets for ladies with ponytails.
  • MIPS for brain protection.
  • Respected helmet manufacturer.
  • Focus on female head sizes.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Offers impressive lower head protection.
  • With no interior net and having wide vents—bugs could be an issue.
Top 7 Bike Helmets 19Top 7 Bike Helmets 20
Our Overview

Size: 58 cm to 62 cm.

Weight: 0.65 pounds.

There’s nothing wrong with watching-the-wallet when choosing your helmet—as long as you ensure that your protective headgear meets all the regulatory requirements.

Hence, in my view, this is the best budget cycle helmet.

While muted in design and only available in three colors—it’s still approved for use by the CPSC.

It protects your valuable head through the microshell-reinforced plastic outer. And to help to maintain comfort, this helmet incorporates six air vents.

For adjustment to your head dimensions—you can alter the internals through a QuickRing system. However, as a unisex one-size-fits-all—if your head is smaller than 58 cm, you may struggle for a secure fit.

When cycling in bright sunlight, I suggest you’ll appreciate the sun-visor. Alternatively, if you feel it ruins the aesthetic or your visibility—you can simply click and remove.

  • Meets CPSC requirements while being very easy on the bank account.
  • Muted design may suit the more reserved rider.
  • Removable sun-visor.
  • Suitable for commuters and weekend riders.
  • QuickRing adjustment system.
  • Lightweight.
  • Choice of three colors.
  • With only six ventilation holes—not one of the best bike helmets for warm weather.
  • Rounded design may not appeal to the more sporty cyclist.
  • Limited sizing options.

woman riding on bicycle

The Best Bike Helmets Conclusion


You can buy new tires, inner-tubes and brake pads—but you can’t replace your head.

Whatever the governmental regulations state—donning a cycling helmet is as crucial as wearing a seatbelt in your car.

And in my opinion, there’s nothing safer or more practical than the Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet.

Conforming to both European and US safety standards—you have headgear that’s proven to lower the risk of injuries. What’s more, with 22 air vents, you’re going to remain fresh and alert whatever the weather.

Additionally, keeping the helmet hygienic and aroma free is simple—just remove the internal pads and clean. Furthermore, other road users will easily spot you with the USB-rechargeable rear light.

Yet, some of the other six best bike helmets in this rundown deserve a shout out.

There’s the feminine styled and sized Thalia, the full-face Demon United Podium, and of course, the budget-friendly Cycle Force 1500.

But, with its head out in front of the rest, it has to be the Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet.


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